Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Latest Treasure hunt & Wild Evangelism 2009

The Wild Evangelism stream went treasure hunting last weekend and here are some of the stories.

One team met a guy who matched six clues; outside the shop Boots, red hair, hearing loss, wearing brown boots, loved tomatoes and felt misjudged. They were able to pray for him. It was interesting to note that he was also found by a treasure hunting team from the Culture of Honour Conference two weeks earlier.

They then went on to meet a girl who matched two clues; wearing brown boots and was outside The Body Shop. She was due to be baptised a St John's Church that evening and the team was able to pray for a fab evening and an encounter with God.

Finally they met a guy who matched the clue of ‘bear’ as he was dressed as a polar bear! He was brought up as a Christian but still had a number of questions. The team were able to answer some of his questions about the Bible and free will.

Another team met the same lady in two of their treasure map locations. At the first one she was very surprised and said "how did you know to find us here because we only decided to come here a few minutes ago"? God knew!


Can God use me?

The team are growing in their treasure hunting ability. It has been exciting to me to see how people have grown since the Wild Evangelism Stream started in May this year.

At the beginning many were unsure whether they could hear God, have the courage to approach their treasure and see a miracle when they prayed.

Now seven months on many in the stream can answer a resounding yes to all these points! Many are learning to take risk and partner with the Holy Spirit to see a miracle.

There has been a growth in evangelistic gifting and activity within New Life Church. A year ago there were very few people that had prayed for and seen a miracle happen outside a church meeting. Now this has grown to about ten people, whether the miracle happened at work, home or during a treasure hunt.

The stream members are starting to feel more confident in their evangelistic gift, getting to grips with their identity in Christ and starting to believe miracles could be a normal part of their life.

The skills they are learning are not just reserved for the treasure hunts. The other week at Alpha one of the team had a picture of a person receiving a letter that caused them to be unsettled. They approached a guest and shared this picture with them. The guest said they had received a letter the day before and were worried about it as it was a letter from a doctor about their health. The team member was then able to share God’s compassion with the guest and pray for healing.


Miracle Stories

Over this eight months the stream has also seen some remarkable miracles. Here are a few of them:

  • Martyn praying for a colleague at work and seeing him instantly healed from a painful neck condition. Click here for the full story.
  • Roy praying for a man on a treasure hunt with a knee condition and seeing it immediately healed. Click here for the full story.
  • Patrick praying for a guest in his house and seeing her completely healed of a back condition that required her to walk on crutches. Click here for the full story.
  • Mark praying for an Alpha guest and seeing him healed of Hepatitis C. Click here for the full story.
  • Mark & Fiona praying for an Alpha guest and seeing her healed from headaches, acid reflux condition and irritable bowel syndrome. Click here for the full story.


Looking forward to 2010

Goals for the stream for next year will be centred around seeing more people activated into the miraculous, praying to see more supernatural encounters in our daily lives (not just on organised treasure hunts) and to grow in faith to lead more people to Christ.

So how can I summarise what we have learnt? To quote Kevin Dedmon from The Bethel Church in California:

“When we pray, God comes and when God comes he does good things, because he is a good God in a good mood, and that is the Good News!”

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

God knows where people are

It was great to go out treasure hunting again at the weekend and we had a number of ‘first timers’ with us. Using the clues we received, it was amazing to find people at the right location at the right time, with one lady saying to us “how did you know we would be here, when we only decided a few minutes ago to come here?”

Here are some of our stories.

One of the teams met a lady outside WAITROSE, wearing a BLUE COAT, whose name was on their treasure map and whose husband had RECENTLY DIED. They were able to share God’s compassion with her and she accepted their offer for prayer.

A little later this team met a girl outside THE ANGEL CENTRE, with RED DYED HAIR who had a PEANUT ALLERGY. Though it was disappointing that this girl would not accept prayer for healing, one of the first timers was really encouraged as the only clue they had on their map was red dyed hair!

Another team met a man outside the POST OFFICE wearing a GREEN COAT. He poured out his heart to the team about a number of difficulties in his life and the team were able to pray for him. After prayer he said that he had a Christian Grandmother of 94 that regularly prays for him! They were encouraged that they were an answer to someone else’s prayer.

They then met a man getting into a RED CAR outside the LIBRARY who had SHARP PAIN. They offered to pray for his healing but he turned them down. They were though encouraged that they had found their treasure.

The team I was part of met a man selling GRAPES whose dad had HEART ISSUES and whose name was on their treasure map. One of the team then was able to pray for his Dad’s healing.

We also found a girl in a SHOPPING ARCADE who was wearing a LEATHER JACKET and a SCARF. I approached her confidently knowing she was one of God’s treasures and asked her if her name was one of the names on my map and she said it was! She then looked through the other clues on the teams treasure maps and it was fun to find out that two of the team had LAMB in the unusual category on their maps and that this girl called her dog a lamb because it jumps, skips and runs like a lamb! We were then able to pray for her about her future, and shared with her that God had a plan for her life. She was very open to hear what we had to say about Jesus.

Though it was unusual for us not to see at least one instant healing it was very encouraging to see that we are getting better at finding treasure.

It is also encouraging to see that people are getting bolder. For example one team found two of their clues, RED WOOLEN HAT and GREEN HAIR ACCESSORY, in MONSOON. There were no customers in the shop so they approached all four staff that were at the till and went through all of their treasure map clues to try and find something relevant. They did not find any connection with any of the staff but really felt God’s pleasure in them being so bold!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Healing Testimonies From Alpha

The ‘Does God Heal Today?’ evening at the Tunbridge Wells Alpha occurred two weeks ago and here are some healing testimonies that we have collected from the guests.

Two of the prophetic words we had on the night were “pinned bones” and “shoulder pain”. One of the guys identified to both of these saying that they had been caused by a car crash. Since being prayed for the pain in his shoulder is significantly better and he can now move his arm without pain!

A lady on the course said she had suffered for a few years with hip pain and it  was getting worse. She recently went for an x-ray and the results showed she had arthritis. Since being prayed for she has had no pain or discomfort, “not even a twinge”!

Another lady asked us to pray for a number of health issues which included headaches, reflux and irritable bowl syndrome (IBS). Since being prayed for her headaches have stopped, the reflux has gone and the doctors have reduced her medication for IBS because it is improving! She is also now sleeping properly for the first time in years.

This same lady had also been suffering from nightmares which also stopped after she was prayed for. One of the dreams was about a family member who was gagged and trying to say something. A few days after we prayed this same family member revealed a twenty year old secret to the lady on Alpha which was very significant. God is very clearly bringing his kingdom into this lady’s life.

God is good and we as an Alpha team are very thankful that Jesus continues to perform miracles in our midst!

Monday, 26 October 2009

The weekends treasure hunting

We had a good time on Saturday treasure hunting in Tunbridge Wells. We found most of our treasure, sometimes having 4 or 5 clues identifying one individual.

Here are some of the stories.

As we left to go out, there was a group of young people sheltering from the rain by the church door. In this group there was a girl that was wearing a RED JERSEY and a SHORT SKIRT. We showed her our treasure maps and she identified the clues HEART and LEG were relevant to her. We offered to pray and then asked her name. She said it was Harriet after which I pointed out another clue which was MAD HATTER. She responded by saying this is what her Dad called her when she was young. She was very moved that God has picked her out. We then prayed for her heart and leg.

Another team met a lady near the ENTRANCE TO RVP with a SHOULDER BAG who had recently LOST SOMEONE. They were able to pray for her. All three of these clues were on one person’s map which greatly encouraged them.

Later in the afternoon the group I met a lady outside CLINTON CARDS with an AUSTRALIAN HAT and BLACK SATCHEL. It was amusing because she had just brought the hat a few moments earlier! As she looked at the treasure maps she saw HEART and mentioned that her Mum has just had a heart operation and asked if we could pray, which we did. The presence of God came and the lady then started to speak about her past in the Salvation Army. God’s grace and comfort came to her.

One of the team had only been treasure hunting once before but this time found it much easier. In discussion with a shop assistant outside M&S she found her name was EMILY and was wearing one of her owb clues which was a HAND MADE SILVER RING. She was able to answer one or two of her questions about Jesus.

Earlier when we were praying in the church a man had walked in by mistake thinking he was some where else. Later during the treasure hunt one team found this man and was able to answer a number of questions he had about God. One question in particular was about whether all roads lead to God, which I had given the group an answer to previously because I had felt it would come up that afternoon!

There were two or three other people we met as per our clues but who sadly would not let us pray for them.

It was a very encouraging afternoon, roll on the next time!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Healing at Alpha

Last night at Alpha one of the guests arrived complaining of a headache. I started to think I could pray for them later in the evening but felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to pray straight away.

So I offered to pray for the guest which they accepted and the headache immediately went! The guest also felt the presence of God, which they described as an amazing feeling of peace.

I also received a prophetic word over dinner about a health condition of one of the other guests I was speaking to. At the end of the question time I mentioned this to the guest and offered to pray. The accepted and were quite moved by our prayers. This condition needs to be tested so we shall wait and see what God has done.

We also had a prophetic word about one or more people having dreams they did not understand, which I mentioned at the end of the talk. During the group discussion a number of the guests described some disturbing dreams that they were having and this gave us an opportunity to pray for them that God would take them away.

Holy Spirit led evangelism is fun, exciting, fruitful and a lot easier!

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Healing over a cup of Tea

Patrick is a member of the Wild Evangelism Life Stream. He has only been a Christian for about a year but is already enjoying the fruit of taking risks.

The other day he bumped into a member of the church and invited them home for a cup of tea. Whilst they were enjoying their cup of tea another visitor to the house arrived using some crutches. So Patrick and his friend offered to pray for the visitor which they accepted. The visitor was very pleased to find the pain in their kneck had left. A little while later the visitor said that the pain in their back remained, so Patrick and his friend prayed for their back and the pain immediately went! The visitor said they felt heat like a hot water bottle had been put under their skin and said today that the swelling in their back had gone down as a result of their prayer.

God is good and is very willing to heal those around us.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Today’s Treasure Hunting

It was good to start treasure hunting again after the summer break. We had some amazing encounters today, often finding people that matched four or five of our clues. Here are some of the stories.

One of the teams met a lady wearing a red jacket and boots near a clock. The name of her daughter was also on one of the treasure maps. The lady had done an Alpha Course before and was thinking about doing another one, so the team invited her to the forthcoming church Alpha.

The same team then met a lady outside a coffee shop with flowers and who had a bad back. When they prayed for the lady she encountered the presence of God and wobbled a little, after which her back loosened up!

A different team saw some of their clues immediately they left the church! They saw a lady with a striped top, ginger hair and whose name was on one of the treasure maps! They were able to have a conversation with her about how God knows her.

A little later they met a lady near a tree, wearing a scarf. Her name, sisters name and sisters husband’s name were all on the treasure maps. She had a problem with her leg but sadly she would not let the team pray for her. I think she was a little unsettled that the team seemed to know so much about her.

On their way back to the church, this same team were still looking for some of their unusual clues which included dog and torture. They passed a table that was being used to collect signatures for a campaign against cruelty for animals which had a poster of a tortured dog. Well behind the table was a man whose name was on one of the treasure maps. He also had pain in his calf and so the team offered to pray for him and he accepted. When the team asked him to try out his leg the surprise on his face was very visible as he had no pain and could freely move his leg!

We were all greatly encouraged and are looking forward to our next trip out!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Healing On The Streets Tonbridge Training Weekend

With Mark Marx From Causeway Coast Vineyard Church Coleraine

Friday 9th October - Saturday 10th Christchurch Tonbridge

Mark Marx is coming from Coleraine to lead a teaching weekend in Tonbridge. This will take place at Christ Church (High Street, Tonbridge). All are welcome – who are interested in Healing on the Streets as well as all members of the Prayer Ministry Team so that we all remain a body strongly united in the same vision whether we minister inside our walls or out.


Friday 7.30 – 10
Refreshments will be available on arrival and there will be a short break. This will be the main teaching session

Saturday 9 – 12.30
Preparation for going on the streets and ministry time with the Healing Team. Please bring suitable coats and footwear to be outside for 2-3 hours; we usually kneel to pray.You may also like to bring a drink.

Saturday 12.30-1.30
Lunch time with tea and coffee provided. Please bring your own lunch.

Saturday 1.30 - 3.30
Feedback, questions and more teaching to follow from the morning.

Saturday 8pm
Celebration Service.

Please be there promptly at the start on both days.

Please RSVP, if you can, so we have an idea of the numbers to cater for - but we will still expect people who haven't booked if there is room on the day.
Please contact St Stephen's Church Office on 01732 771977 or email

We will be asking for a donation of £5 per person, although would not want that to stop anyone from coming – and we will gratefully receive anything more towards costs!
For further information about HOTS Tonbridge or the training weekend please contact Kevin Campbell 01732 361288

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Chad Dedmon Ministry Testimonies

God's healing presence!!!

Watch the video on the left to hear what God is doing around the world through ordinary people!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

New Alpha Promotion Material

Have a look at the new Alpha promotion video featuring Bear Grylls at

Further information and a longer three minute video can be found at


Tuesday, 18 August 2009

A week of opportunities

This last week was an amazing week for me as it contained a number of opportunities to pray for unbelievers.

It began on Tuesday when I was in a shop. Whilst I was at the counter God prompted me to ask the cashier if she had any pain. After some discussion she eventually acknowledged she had pain in her hip due to inflammation. I explained that I was a Christian and that we see miraculous healing in our church but she declined my offer to pray for her.

Later that day whilst I was out walking at lunchtime I came across a married couple who were wearing full Jewish clothing. God said to me to go over and pray for the man to encounter the Holy Spirit as he has been seeking a greater reality of God. I hesitated and bottled it and only managed to pray at a distance for them to have a tangible encounter with God. I need to learn to be bolder!

On Wednesday as I got home from work God spoke to me about a lady who was in our house a friend of Fiona's, a school mum. As she was about to leave I asked her if she was well and she said yes but then God said to me "make it specific, ask her about her pain in her spine". She said it was quite painful recently and that she had arthritis. I asked if we could pray for her and she agreed, so Fiona and I laid hands on her in our front room and prayed for her to be healed! We will catch up with her in a week or so and see what the results are.

On Thursday on my way home from work as I got off the train I passed a lady walking with a crutch. I went up to her and offered to pray for her. She was reluctant and said that her foot was healing but rather slowly. I knew that God wanted to speed the healing but after offering to pray again she would still not let me pray.

A few minutes later nearer my house I went into a shop to buy some ice creams for my children. At the counter God spoke to me about the cashier saying she had pain in her wrists. I asked her if she had pain in her wrists and she said she did and this was due to carpal tunnel syndrome. I explained to her that God has revealed this to me so that he could heal her, but she would not let me pray.

Then on Sunday at church I was praying for a lady and God prompted me to pray for her hands, She said that they were very numb that morning and she was very worried about them. She has arthritis. I prayed for healing and on Monday she rang to say they were so much better! We also prayed at church for three people that had pain in their neck / back, one of which was instantly healed and got full movement back. She testified that her physiotherapist had been working on her for months but had been unable to fix the problem.

I am so continually encouraged by God's desire to do good to people that know Him and do not know Him. We need to learn to be the conduit between him and a broken world. This last week has been an exciting adventure despite people's reluctance to accept prayer. We mustn't let this deter us!

Monday, 6 July 2009

Stories from last weeks treasure hunt

About fifteen of us went treasure hunting last Thursday evening and here are two of our stories.

The group I was part of had TESCO and YELLOW T-SHIRT as clues. So we went to our treasure map location and waited to see if anyone would match the description. Roy and Wendy spotted someone with a yellow t-shirt and approached them. This young man had trouble with his knee so they offered to pray for him and after prayer he said it felt better. They then asked him whether he could hitch himself up on the railings, which they noticed earlier he had problems doing. He did this with ease and it was clear that God had healed him!

Another group with Martyn and Peter in had a clue of SPLINT LEFT LEG. At one of their treasure map locations they found a man with a splint on his left leg and though reluctantly he did let them pray for him. Afterwards he felt peaceful which was evidence that the presence of Jesus was touching him. We don't know yet whether he was healed but God was definitely touching him.

These are both very encouraging stories in our early days of treasure hunting!

Saturday, 4 July 2009

On the way home from work

I was on way from the office to the train station yesterday evening and I passed a man on some steps. As I went passed I felt the Holy Spirit say he was depressed with life. I carried on walking, thought about what to do, decided not to bottle it and went back and spoke to him.

He was eastern European and spoke good enough English to understand me. He at first denied anything was wrong but then I used the sentence "Are you fed up with life?" that came to my mind and it opened up the conversation.

He basically had been really down over the last two days because he was unable to get a job, so I offered to pray for him that Jesus would help him find a job and he accepted so I did. I hope he knew God's concern for him.

I am always amazed that God can look into anyone's heart and know their thoughts and emotions. We need to be confident in what we hear!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Early treasure hunting experiences

Patrick, another of our Wild Evangelism Stream members, has only just started treasure hunting. Here is one of his stories.

Our group headed for a location on a map which was TRAIN STATION. On heading in that direction there was a man wearing a BLUE SHIRT so we stopped to speak to him. He also wore GLASSES and his name was on one of our maps. He let us pray for him. We spoke to him for a while and then started on towards the TRAIN STATION.

When we got to the TRAIN STATION there were a group of young ladies standing outside the TRAIN STATION. On one map we had BLOND and GLASSES so we approached them and found that on one of our maps was the blond girls name. We then asked her about other clues on the map, which included FEET, to which she said she had a sore foot. Under the unusual category on our maps we had POTATOES written down. she then said she loved POTATOES. She the let us pray for her. While we praying God gave me the word BROTHER and FIGHT A LOT, which I then shared with her. She acknowledge this was relevant and we prayed for her about this.

I am finding it very encouraging that we are hearing God and finding our treasure.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Healings at work

Martyn, one of our Wild Evangelism Stream members, was talking to a colleague at work this week and was prompted by God to ask about his mum. It turned out his mum was very ill with osteoporosis. Martyn then prayed for his mum, who lived in another country. Not long later his colleague emailed Martyn with the following:

I thought you’d like to know that I have spoken to my mom and she said, and I quote, “today it feels like there is nothing wrong with me”.

Thank you for your prayer.

This followed another healing in the office a few days earlier. Martyn prayed for a different colleague who was on Valium for a bad neck that he could not move more than thirty degrees sideways. Martyn put his hands on his colleagues neck and prayed. After prayer Martyn asked him to do something he could not do before. His colleague then moved his neck sixty degrees sideways. The pain was still there and so Martyn prayed again. After this his colleague send the pain had begun to ease.

Our God is a good God!

A Productive Saturday Mornings Treasure Hunting ...

During the Tonbridge Outreach two weeks back I went Treasure Hunting with Kate and another member of the church. We all had the same location of a shopping parade so we went there first. Our description clues included sunglasses, luminous, green t-shirt, cap and brown curly hair.

At the shopping parade we came across a man with a bright orange luminous cap and jacket. He was a Christian who was struggling with depression and feeling God's compassion for him we prayed for him.

We then went into one of the shops on the parade and straight ahead of us was a rack full of luminous balls. To the right was a lady wearing a green t-shirt who had sunglasses in her brown curly hair. We prayed for her mum who had cancer.

We then went looking in the shop for the people that had the names on our treasure map. We were looking for a name that was on two of our treasure maps. I was drawn to a cashier and asked her if her name was the one on my list. It was and then I asked her whether she had pain in her lower left arm, another one of my clues. She was amazed and we prayed for an underlying health condition.

After that we went looking in the store for other clues of scarf and black cowboy looking hat. We found a rack with these on and so waited for anyone that might match our other clues. After a few minutes some of the staff came over to see if they could serve us in some way. We ended up having very good conversations with three of them and prayed for one staff member about her forthcoming exams.

We then left the store and outside we met a lady wearing a scarf around her neck, another one of our clues. She has three ailments, one from each of our treasure maps! We prayed together for her and she started to cry. I prayed again for her bandaged wrists and the pain left immediately and she could move her fingers in a way she could not before.

When we pray, God comes and when God come he does good things, because he is a good God in a good mood, and that is the Good News!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The Ultimate Treasure Hunt - Kevin Dedmon

If you would like to know more about treasure hunting get a hold of this book!