Friday, 26 June 2009

Healings at work

Martyn, one of our Wild Evangelism Stream members, was talking to a colleague at work this week and was prompted by God to ask about his mum. It turned out his mum was very ill with osteoporosis. Martyn then prayed for his mum, who lived in another country. Not long later his colleague emailed Martyn with the following:

I thought you’d like to know that I have spoken to my mom and she said, and I quote, “today it feels like there is nothing wrong with me”.

Thank you for your prayer.

This followed another healing in the office a few days earlier. Martyn prayed for a different colleague who was on Valium for a bad neck that he could not move more than thirty degrees sideways. Martyn put his hands on his colleagues neck and prayed. After prayer Martyn asked him to do something he could not do before. His colleague then moved his neck sixty degrees sideways. The pain was still there and so Martyn prayed again. After this his colleague send the pain had begun to ease.

Our God is a good God!

A Productive Saturday Mornings Treasure Hunting ...

During the Tonbridge Outreach two weeks back I went Treasure Hunting with Kate and another member of the church. We all had the same location of a shopping parade so we went there first. Our description clues included sunglasses, luminous, green t-shirt, cap and brown curly hair.

At the shopping parade we came across a man with a bright orange luminous cap and jacket. He was a Christian who was struggling with depression and feeling God's compassion for him we prayed for him.

We then went into one of the shops on the parade and straight ahead of us was a rack full of luminous balls. To the right was a lady wearing a green t-shirt who had sunglasses in her brown curly hair. We prayed for her mum who had cancer.

We then went looking in the shop for the people that had the names on our treasure map. We were looking for a name that was on two of our treasure maps. I was drawn to a cashier and asked her if her name was the one on my list. It was and then I asked her whether she had pain in her lower left arm, another one of my clues. She was amazed and we prayed for an underlying health condition.

After that we went looking in the store for other clues of scarf and black cowboy looking hat. We found a rack with these on and so waited for anyone that might match our other clues. After a few minutes some of the staff came over to see if they could serve us in some way. We ended up having very good conversations with three of them and prayed for one staff member about her forthcoming exams.

We then left the store and outside we met a lady wearing a scarf around her neck, another one of our clues. She has three ailments, one from each of our treasure maps! We prayed together for her and she started to cry. I prayed again for her bandaged wrists and the pain left immediately and she could move her fingers in a way she could not before.

When we pray, God comes and when God come he does good things, because he is a good God in a good mood, and that is the Good News!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The Ultimate Treasure Hunt - Kevin Dedmon

If you would like to know more about treasure hunting get a hold of this book!