Monday, 6 July 2009

Stories from last weeks treasure hunt

About fifteen of us went treasure hunting last Thursday evening and here are two of our stories.

The group I was part of had TESCO and YELLOW T-SHIRT as clues. So we went to our treasure map location and waited to see if anyone would match the description. Roy and Wendy spotted someone with a yellow t-shirt and approached them. This young man had trouble with his knee so they offered to pray for him and after prayer he said it felt better. They then asked him whether he could hitch himself up on the railings, which they noticed earlier he had problems doing. He did this with ease and it was clear that God had healed him!

Another group with Martyn and Peter in had a clue of SPLINT LEFT LEG. At one of their treasure map locations they found a man with a splint on his left leg and though reluctantly he did let them pray for him. Afterwards he felt peaceful which was evidence that the presence of Jesus was touching him. We don't know yet whether he was healed but God was definitely touching him.

These are both very encouraging stories in our early days of treasure hunting!

Saturday, 4 July 2009

On the way home from work

I was on way from the office to the train station yesterday evening and I passed a man on some steps. As I went passed I felt the Holy Spirit say he was depressed with life. I carried on walking, thought about what to do, decided not to bottle it and went back and spoke to him.

He was eastern European and spoke good enough English to understand me. He at first denied anything was wrong but then I used the sentence "Are you fed up with life?" that came to my mind and it opened up the conversation.

He basically had been really down over the last two days because he was unable to get a job, so I offered to pray for him that Jesus would help him find a job and he accepted so I did. I hope he knew God's concern for him.

I am always amazed that God can look into anyone's heart and know their thoughts and emotions. We need to be confident in what we hear!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Early treasure hunting experiences

Patrick, another of our Wild Evangelism Stream members, has only just started treasure hunting. Here is one of his stories.

Our group headed for a location on a map which was TRAIN STATION. On heading in that direction there was a man wearing a BLUE SHIRT so we stopped to speak to him. He also wore GLASSES and his name was on one of our maps. He let us pray for him. We spoke to him for a while and then started on towards the TRAIN STATION.

When we got to the TRAIN STATION there were a group of young ladies standing outside the TRAIN STATION. On one map we had BLOND and GLASSES so we approached them and found that on one of our maps was the blond girls name. We then asked her about other clues on the map, which included FEET, to which she said she had a sore foot. Under the unusual category on our maps we had POTATOES written down. she then said she loved POTATOES. She the let us pray for her. While we praying God gave me the word BROTHER and FIGHT A LOT, which I then shared with her. She acknowledge this was relevant and we prayed for her about this.

I am finding it very encouraging that we are hearing God and finding our treasure.