Tuesday, 25 August 2009

New Alpha Promotion Material

Have a look at the new Alpha promotion video featuring Bear Grylls at www.alpha.org/bear

Further information and a longer three minute video can be found at www.alphafriends.org/news/share-bear


Tuesday, 18 August 2009

A week of opportunities

This last week was an amazing week for me as it contained a number of opportunities to pray for unbelievers.

It began on Tuesday when I was in a shop. Whilst I was at the counter God prompted me to ask the cashier if she had any pain. After some discussion she eventually acknowledged she had pain in her hip due to inflammation. I explained that I was a Christian and that we see miraculous healing in our church but she declined my offer to pray for her.

Later that day whilst I was out walking at lunchtime I came across a married couple who were wearing full Jewish clothing. God said to me to go over and pray for the man to encounter the Holy Spirit as he has been seeking a greater reality of God. I hesitated and bottled it and only managed to pray at a distance for them to have a tangible encounter with God. I need to learn to be bolder!

On Wednesday as I got home from work God spoke to me about a lady who was in our house a friend of Fiona's, a school mum. As she was about to leave I asked her if she was well and she said yes but then God said to me "make it specific, ask her about her pain in her spine". She said it was quite painful recently and that she had arthritis. I asked if we could pray for her and she agreed, so Fiona and I laid hands on her in our front room and prayed for her to be healed! We will catch up with her in a week or so and see what the results are.

On Thursday on my way home from work as I got off the train I passed a lady walking with a crutch. I went up to her and offered to pray for her. She was reluctant and said that her foot was healing but rather slowly. I knew that God wanted to speed the healing but after offering to pray again she would still not let me pray.

A few minutes later nearer my house I went into a shop to buy some ice creams for my children. At the counter God spoke to me about the cashier saying she had pain in her wrists. I asked her if she had pain in her wrists and she said she did and this was due to carpal tunnel syndrome. I explained to her that God has revealed this to me so that he could heal her, but she would not let me pray.

Then on Sunday at church I was praying for a lady and God prompted me to pray for her hands, She said that they were very numb that morning and she was very worried about them. She has arthritis. I prayed for healing and on Monday she rang to say they were so much better! We also prayed at church for three people that had pain in their neck / back, one of which was instantly healed and got full movement back. She testified that her physiotherapist had been working on her for months but had been unable to fix the problem.

I am so continually encouraged by God's desire to do good to people that know Him and do not know Him. We need to learn to be the conduit between him and a broken world. This last week has been an exciting adventure despite people's reluctance to accept prayer. We mustn't let this deter us!