Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Healing over a cup of Tea

Patrick is a member of the Wild Evangelism Life Stream. He has only been a Christian for about a year but is already enjoying the fruit of taking risks.

The other day he bumped into a member of the church and invited them home for a cup of tea. Whilst they were enjoying their cup of tea another visitor to the house arrived using some crutches. So Patrick and his friend offered to pray for the visitor which they accepted. The visitor was very pleased to find the pain in their kneck had left. A little while later the visitor said that the pain in their back remained, so Patrick and his friend prayed for their back and the pain immediately went! The visitor said they felt heat like a hot water bottle had been put under their skin and said today that the swelling in their back had gone down as a result of their prayer.

God is good and is very willing to heal those around us.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Today’s Treasure Hunting

It was good to start treasure hunting again after the summer break. We had some amazing encounters today, often finding people that matched four or five of our clues. Here are some of the stories.

One of the teams met a lady wearing a red jacket and boots near a clock. The name of her daughter was also on one of the treasure maps. The lady had done an Alpha Course before and was thinking about doing another one, so the team invited her to the forthcoming church Alpha.

The same team then met a lady outside a coffee shop with flowers and who had a bad back. When they prayed for the lady she encountered the presence of God and wobbled a little, after which her back loosened up!

A different team saw some of their clues immediately they left the church! They saw a lady with a striped top, ginger hair and whose name was on one of the treasure maps! They were able to have a conversation with her about how God knows her.

A little later they met a lady near a tree, wearing a scarf. Her name, sisters name and sisters husband’s name were all on the treasure maps. She had a problem with her leg but sadly she would not let the team pray for her. I think she was a little unsettled that the team seemed to know so much about her.

On their way back to the church, this same team were still looking for some of their unusual clues which included dog and torture. They passed a table that was being used to collect signatures for a campaign against cruelty for animals which had a poster of a tortured dog. Well behind the table was a man whose name was on one of the treasure maps. He also had pain in his calf and so the team offered to pray for him and he accepted. When the team asked him to try out his leg the surprise on his face was very visible as he had no pain and could freely move his leg!

We were all greatly encouraged and are looking forward to our next trip out!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Healing On The Streets Tonbridge Training Weekend

With Mark Marx From Causeway Coast Vineyard Church Coleraine

Friday 9th October - Saturday 10th Christchurch Tonbridge

Mark Marx is coming from Coleraine to lead a teaching weekend in Tonbridge. This will take place at Christ Church (High Street, Tonbridge). All are welcome – who are interested in Healing on the Streets as well as all members of the Prayer Ministry Team so that we all remain a body strongly united in the same vision whether we minister inside our walls or out.


Friday 7.30 – 10
Refreshments will be available on arrival and there will be a short break. This will be the main teaching session

Saturday 9 – 12.30
Preparation for going on the streets and ministry time with the Healing Team. Please bring suitable coats and footwear to be outside for 2-3 hours; we usually kneel to pray.You may also like to bring a drink.

Saturday 12.30-1.30
Lunch time with tea and coffee provided. Please bring your own lunch.

Saturday 1.30 - 3.30
Feedback, questions and more teaching to follow from the morning.

Saturday 8pm
Celebration Service.

Please be there promptly at the start on both days.

Please RSVP, if you can, so we have an idea of the numbers to cater for - but we will still expect people who haven't booked if there is room on the day.
Please contact St Stephen's Church Office on 01732 771977 or email

We will be asking for a donation of £5 per person, although would not want that to stop anyone from coming – and we will gratefully receive anything more towards costs!
For further information about HOTS Tonbridge or the training weekend please contact Kevin Campbell 01732 361288

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Chad Dedmon Ministry Testimonies

God's healing presence!!!

Watch the video on the left to hear what God is doing around the world through ordinary people!