Monday, 26 October 2009

The weekends treasure hunting

We had a good time on Saturday treasure hunting in Tunbridge Wells. We found most of our treasure, sometimes having 4 or 5 clues identifying one individual.

Here are some of the stories.

As we left to go out, there was a group of young people sheltering from the rain by the church door. In this group there was a girl that was wearing a RED JERSEY and a SHORT SKIRT. We showed her our treasure maps and she identified the clues HEART and LEG were relevant to her. We offered to pray and then asked her name. She said it was Harriet after which I pointed out another clue which was MAD HATTER. She responded by saying this is what her Dad called her when she was young. She was very moved that God has picked her out. We then prayed for her heart and leg.

Another team met a lady near the ENTRANCE TO RVP with a SHOULDER BAG who had recently LOST SOMEONE. They were able to pray for her. All three of these clues were on one person’s map which greatly encouraged them.

Later in the afternoon the group I met a lady outside CLINTON CARDS with an AUSTRALIAN HAT and BLACK SATCHEL. It was amusing because she had just brought the hat a few moments earlier! As she looked at the treasure maps she saw HEART and mentioned that her Mum has just had a heart operation and asked if we could pray, which we did. The presence of God came and the lady then started to speak about her past in the Salvation Army. God’s grace and comfort came to her.

One of the team had only been treasure hunting once before but this time found it much easier. In discussion with a shop assistant outside M&S she found her name was EMILY and was wearing one of her owb clues which was a HAND MADE SILVER RING. She was able to answer one or two of her questions about Jesus.

Earlier when we were praying in the church a man had walked in by mistake thinking he was some where else. Later during the treasure hunt one team found this man and was able to answer a number of questions he had about God. One question in particular was about whether all roads lead to God, which I had given the group an answer to previously because I had felt it would come up that afternoon!

There were two or three other people we met as per our clues but who sadly would not let us pray for them.

It was a very encouraging afternoon, roll on the next time!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Healing at Alpha

Last night at Alpha one of the guests arrived complaining of a headache. I started to think I could pray for them later in the evening but felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to pray straight away.

So I offered to pray for the guest which they accepted and the headache immediately went! The guest also felt the presence of God, which they described as an amazing feeling of peace.

I also received a prophetic word over dinner about a health condition of one of the other guests I was speaking to. At the end of the question time I mentioned this to the guest and offered to pray. The accepted and were quite moved by our prayers. This condition needs to be tested so we shall wait and see what God has done.

We also had a prophetic word about one or more people having dreams they did not understand, which I mentioned at the end of the talk. During the group discussion a number of the guests described some disturbing dreams that they were having and this gave us an opportunity to pray for them that God would take them away.

Holy Spirit led evangelism is fun, exciting, fruitful and a lot easier!