Tuesday, 24 November 2009

God knows where people are

It was great to go out treasure hunting again at the weekend and we had a number of ‘first timers’ with us. Using the clues we received, it was amazing to find people at the right location at the right time, with one lady saying to us “how did you know we would be here, when we only decided a few minutes ago to come here?”

Here are some of our stories.

One of the teams met a lady outside WAITROSE, wearing a BLUE COAT, whose name was on their treasure map and whose husband had RECENTLY DIED. They were able to share God’s compassion with her and she accepted their offer for prayer.

A little later this team met a girl outside THE ANGEL CENTRE, with RED DYED HAIR who had a PEANUT ALLERGY. Though it was disappointing that this girl would not accept prayer for healing, one of the first timers was really encouraged as the only clue they had on their map was red dyed hair!

Another team met a man outside the POST OFFICE wearing a GREEN COAT. He poured out his heart to the team about a number of difficulties in his life and the team were able to pray for him. After prayer he said that he had a Christian Grandmother of 94 that regularly prays for him! They were encouraged that they were an answer to someone else’s prayer.

They then met a man getting into a RED CAR outside the LIBRARY who had SHARP PAIN. They offered to pray for his healing but he turned them down. They were though encouraged that they had found their treasure.

The team I was part of met a man selling GRAPES whose dad had HEART ISSUES and whose name was on their treasure map. One of the team then was able to pray for his Dad’s healing.

We also found a girl in a SHOPPING ARCADE who was wearing a LEATHER JACKET and a SCARF. I approached her confidently knowing she was one of God’s treasures and asked her if her name was one of the names on my map and she said it was! She then looked through the other clues on the teams treasure maps and it was fun to find out that two of the team had LAMB in the unusual category on their maps and that this girl called her dog a lamb because it jumps, skips and runs like a lamb! We were then able to pray for her about her future, and shared with her that God had a plan for her life. She was very open to hear what we had to say about Jesus.

Though it was unusual for us not to see at least one instant healing it was very encouraging to see that we are getting better at finding treasure.

It is also encouraging to see that people are getting bolder. For example one team found two of their clues, RED WOOLEN HAT and GREEN HAIR ACCESSORY, in MONSOON. There were no customers in the shop so they approached all four staff that were at the till and went through all of their treasure map clues to try and find something relevant. They did not find any connection with any of the staff but really felt God’s pleasure in them being so bold!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Healing Testimonies From Alpha

The ‘Does God Heal Today?’ evening at the Tunbridge Wells Alpha occurred two weeks ago and here are some healing testimonies that we have collected from the guests.

Two of the prophetic words we had on the night were “pinned bones” and “shoulder pain”. One of the guys identified to both of these saying that they had been caused by a car crash. Since being prayed for the pain in his shoulder is significantly better and he can now move his arm without pain!

A lady on the course said she had suffered for a few years with hip pain and it  was getting worse. She recently went for an x-ray and the results showed she had arthritis. Since being prayed for she has had no pain or discomfort, “not even a twinge”!

Another lady asked us to pray for a number of health issues which included headaches, reflux and irritable bowl syndrome (IBS). Since being prayed for her headaches have stopped, the reflux has gone and the doctors have reduced her medication for IBS because it is improving! She is also now sleeping properly for the first time in years.

This same lady had also been suffering from nightmares which also stopped after she was prayed for. One of the dreams was about a family member who was gagged and trying to say something. A few days after we prayed this same family member revealed a twenty year old secret to the lady on Alpha which was very significant. God is very clearly bringing his kingdom into this lady’s life.

God is good and we as an Alpha team are very thankful that Jesus continues to perform miracles in our midst!