Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Latest Treasure hunt & Wild Evangelism 2009

The Wild Evangelism stream went treasure hunting last weekend and here are some of the stories.

One team met a guy who matched six clues; outside the shop Boots, red hair, hearing loss, wearing brown boots, loved tomatoes and felt misjudged. They were able to pray for him. It was interesting to note that he was also found by a treasure hunting team from the Culture of Honour Conference two weeks earlier.

They then went on to meet a girl who matched two clues; wearing brown boots and was outside The Body Shop. She was due to be baptised a St John's Church that evening and the team was able to pray for a fab evening and an encounter with God.

Finally they met a guy who matched the clue of ‘bear’ as he was dressed as a polar bear! He was brought up as a Christian but still had a number of questions. The team were able to answer some of his questions about the Bible and free will.

Another team met the same lady in two of their treasure map locations. At the first one she was very surprised and said "how did you know to find us here because we only decided to come here a few minutes ago"? God knew!


Can God use me?

The team are growing in their treasure hunting ability. It has been exciting to me to see how people have grown since the Wild Evangelism Stream started in May this year.

At the beginning many were unsure whether they could hear God, have the courage to approach their treasure and see a miracle when they prayed.

Now seven months on many in the stream can answer a resounding yes to all these points! Many are learning to take risk and partner with the Holy Spirit to see a miracle.

There has been a growth in evangelistic gifting and activity within New Life Church. A year ago there were very few people that had prayed for and seen a miracle happen outside a church meeting. Now this has grown to about ten people, whether the miracle happened at work, home or during a treasure hunt.

The stream members are starting to feel more confident in their evangelistic gift, getting to grips with their identity in Christ and starting to believe miracles could be a normal part of their life.

The skills they are learning are not just reserved for the treasure hunts. The other week at Alpha one of the team had a picture of a person receiving a letter that caused them to be unsettled. They approached a guest and shared this picture with them. The guest said they had received a letter the day before and were worried about it as it was a letter from a doctor about their health. The team member was then able to share God’s compassion with the guest and pray for healing.


Miracle Stories

Over this eight months the stream has also seen some remarkable miracles. Here are a few of them:

  • Martyn praying for a colleague at work and seeing him instantly healed from a painful neck condition. Click here for the full story.
  • Roy praying for a man on a treasure hunt with a knee condition and seeing it immediately healed. Click here for the full story.
  • Patrick praying for a guest in his house and seeing her completely healed of a back condition that required her to walk on crutches. Click here for the full story.
  • Mark praying for an Alpha guest and seeing him healed of Hepatitis C. Click here for the full story.
  • Mark & Fiona praying for an Alpha guest and seeing her healed from headaches, acid reflux condition and irritable bowel syndrome. Click here for the full story.


Looking forward to 2010

Goals for the stream for next year will be centred around seeing more people activated into the miraculous, praying to see more supernatural encounters in our daily lives (not just on organised treasure hunts) and to grow in faith to lead more people to Christ.

So how can I summarise what we have learnt? To quote Kevin Dedmon from The Bethel Church in California:

“When we pray, God comes and when God comes he does good things, because he is a good God in a good mood, and that is the Good News!”