Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Treasure hunting stories

We have been out on a number of treasure hunts recently and here are some of my favourite stories.

Firstly from when we went up to the Peak District:

· Shelagh’s team headed for the “bus station” near “Sainsburys” and they met a lady wearing a “white coat” and whose daughter had “red hair”. They were able to pray for the lady that had psoriasis (skin condition) and also prayed for her daughter who had a hip problem. After praying for the daughter the pain in her hip instantly left!

· Mark’s team went off to the “park” to find a “bandstand”. We met a lady wearing a “red coat”, had “three dogs” and had a “leg problem”. She was very open and we were able to pray for her healing. We asked her to test it out but she said she would not know until the next day as it was worst in the morning after she got up.

· Later that day we went for a walk around Bakewell. Patrick decided to approach a group of girls and get out his treasure map that he had used earlier. This was because they were near a hotel that had a name similar to one of his clues. We found a girl whose name was on the map and also had a “fear of dogs”. She was willing to let us pray for her. We then asked if any of the other girls wanted to feel the presence of God. Without hesitation one of the girls said yes and held her hands open to receive!

Secondly from our most recent hunt in Tunbridge Wells:

· Mark, Jean, Peter and Patrick went to the war memorial where there was a “wall”, “bench” and “lamppost”. We met a couple, the man had been a “pilot” had a “knee problem” and was wearing “green trainers” and the women had a “nasal problem”. We were able to pray for them both. We left them with a treasure card and with the knowledge that God wants to do them good.

· Martyn, Hugh and Shelagh went to the “Body Shop” and met a man wearing a “GAP top”. They were able to pray for his “arm” which was having an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite. One of his friends had a “leather jacket” and they were able to pray for him to know the heart of God. This was a particularly encouraging conversation as these men were from a Muslim background and allowed the team to pray for healing in Jesus name.

· Mark & Patrick also got to meet a Christian family in the “library”, the mothers name being on the list and her daughter was wearing “red trousers”. When we introduced ourselves they said “can’t be us that you are looking for because we have only just arrived here”. When we hear comments like that experience tells us that they are probably our treasure! After building some rapport, we were able to pray for the mother’s job situation and show her that God knew her needs.

God is very much leading us to people he wants to touch and we are learning to partner with Him to release His presence as we pray for people.

Do you fancy joining with us on a treasure hunt so that you too can learn how to partner with God for the miraculous?

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Another creative miracle!

Last week Fiona hosted a birthday dinner party at our house for a friend in the church. There were a number of guests, including a girl that we had not met before.

During the meal Fiona shared about the ankle miracle that happened whilst I and some others from our church were in the Peak District teaching about treasure hunting.

Later in the evening I had a prophetic word about a shoulder injury. So I popped my head around the dining room door and asked if anyone had a problem with their shoulder.

The girl, that we had not met before, said she had hurt her shoulder whilst doing some DIY a few days earlier but it was now ok. She then went onto say that her real problem was her ankle. She had an accident when she was a teenager and had to have her ankle pinned. Her ankle was often swollen and in pain.

We offered to pray for her and she accepted. After a few minutes of prayer we asked her to test it out and to her amazement she said it felt looser than it normally did.

We then got to share with her about the goodness of God, His concern for her and some other miracle stories.

We got a text 48 hours later saying that the swelling had gone down and she had been doing DIY for two days without any pain! She is genuinely amazed at what God has done for her.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Creative Miracles!

Last weekend we had the privilege to visit the New Frontiers churches in the Peak District to train them in treasure hunting. Twenty five people came to the training day from the Buxton, Chesterfield & Matlock churches. They were superb: finding their treasure, praying for healing and seeing some amazing answers to prayer.

Seven of us from the Wild Evangelism stream were able to go and it was great working together as a team.

During the training and at the Sunday church service we also got to pray for healing for a number of those in the church. Here are some of the stories.

Ankle Healed

On the team was a man who had a problem with his ankle. He was born with a weak ankle and at eighteen was given the wrong operation (it was for the patient in the hospital bed next to him!). This operation fused his ankle so it could only move up and down and not side to side. 40 years on, his ankle was badly swollen, and he had to walk with a stick and use a scooter on bad days.

After praying for him for a few minutes he was able to move his ankle side to side and by the end of the day was able to walk unaided by a stick. Also the pain subsided.

On Sunday at church he was showing off his new ankle, it was no longer swollen and he was running for the first time for many years and is now pain free! God is so awesome!

Back Healed

There was another man who responded to a “hip” word as he had just had a hip operation. We prayed for a fast recovery but also for his back because he was in pain. After prayer all the pain in his back left and he regained full movement and was bending over and touching his toes. At the time we thought this was related to his hip operation but he later told us he had a degenerative disorder in his spine but now had no pain or restrictions. God is so good!

Swollen Ears Healed

A lady responded to an “itching ears” word because her ears irritated her so much that she often scratched them leading to them becoming badly swollen. As we prayed for she said excitedly that she could feel the swelling going down!

There were many other stories of healing whilst treasure hunting and within the church, it was literally an amazing weekend of seeing God move powerfully.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Healings, testimonies and a yard brush!

It has been a great few weeks for us because we have seen some amazing healings and also been very encouraged after attending a Firestorm conference led by Kevin & Theresa Dedmon from the Bethel church.

Treasure Hunting in Tunbridge Wells

Two ago we were out treasure hunting and here are our favourite stories.

Team 1 (Deborah, Peter, Rose & Nessa)

We went off to RVP food court after being led there and found a lady wearing “beads”, a “red t-Shirt” and an “unusual ring”. We found out that this lady and her friends had recently planted a church and were considering starting treasure hunting. They were encouraged to being picked out by God and saw this as God’s leading to get going with the treasure hunting!

We then went up to the millennium clock and met three guys that were drinking alcohol. One was wearing a “checked shirt” and another of them a “jacket”. One of their names was on our list too. We asked whether any of them had been hit hard by something, as that was on our map in the unusual category. The guys whose name we had said yes I was shot ten years ago and he was still in some pain. We were able to pray with him.

Later we met a group of young people that were wearing “unusual rings”, had a friend that had written a song called “blue sky”, one of whose name was on our map and another who had a sports injury. We were able to pray for their healing.

Team 2 (Henry, Mark & Shelagh)

Shortly after leaving the church we found three ladies wearing “flowery dresses”, one with “auburn hair” and all had “shiny toe nails”. When we went through our other clues we found that one had a “pain in the neck” and another had hearing problems (the actual clue was “hearing aid” and they laughed when they said it because they had just said to this lady that she needed a hearing aid!). The lady with the neck pain wanted us to pray for her, even before we offered, which we did and on the third time we prayed, we felt the presence of God touch her.

We then went off looking for a “bakery” and we found the staff were wearing “black t-shirts”. We went through the clues with the lady behind the counter and she was amazed that we had “staffing” (she was only in the shop because they had staffing shortages), her aunts name, her mum’s and dad’s health problems and the name of another member of staff who worked there. She knew God had picked her out. After we found out that her mum was working in the bakery, we offered to pray for her healing, so she went and found her mum who was working in the kitchen. Sadly her mum would not let us pray for her stomach condition, but thought initially we were clairvoyants. We have some ground to take back from the enemy!

Near the end we were looking for an “England top” but following the world cup results these were difficult to find! Henry suddenly saw a guy wearing an England rugby top, so we stopped to talk. What amazed him was that one of our unusual clues was “someone who uses their middle name as their first name”, which this guy does. This led to a good conversation and we were able to pray for him about God having a destiny for him.

Firestorm conference

Patrick, Shelagh & Mark were able to attend this conference in London at the weekend. It was encouraging to hear the stories coming out of the Bethel, especially how people they meet whilst treasure hunting encounter God powerfully when they get them to invite the Holy Spirit to come.

After some awesome teaching on identity and destiny, off we went treasure hunting. Mark & Patrick were able to lead groups of people that had not done it before.

Patrick’s team saw two people instantly healed, one who was jumping up and down after being healed from a sports injury in his foot.

Shelagh was very encouraged with one man they met because she had “yard brush” on her map, and he happened to have one with him! She also was able to pray for a boy who was bent double with “breathing difficulties”, after which he was instantly healed.

Mark had fun leading a team of energetic and enthusiastic treasure hunters, who often ran after someone who matched their clues! One girl on the team was amazed to see a man leaving a “coffee shop” with a “bunch of white flowers” and walking past a “pelican crossing”, matching the clues on her map. We were able to pray for a number of people for healing and an encounter with God’s presence.

Other healing stories

Back in June last year Martyn was able to pray for a colleague at work with neck pain. What Martyn didn’t know at the time was that this was a long term condition of some 8-9 years. He only told Martyn the other week how he had pain most days and once a month it was very bad. Since being prayed for he has been pain free for a year! Awesome.

Fiona also got to pray for a teacher at the junior school her children go to. The next day the teacher wrote her a note saying how much better it was!

Mark has been able to pray for a number of people within church meetings that have had bone alignment problems or have one leg shorter than the other. Very encouragingly he has now seen three people’s legs grow, one knee ligament reduce on size and one foot change shape so it is now flat.

It is encouraging to see an increase in the healing stories among us.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Instant Healings!

Following a very exciting Bill Johnson healing conference, we were itching to get out treasure hunting, so here are some of the stories from last weekend’s hunt.

Team 1 (Jeremy, Shelagh & Peter)

As we left the church building we got talking to a teenager who had “ginger hair”. She had been told by friends that “because she had ginger hair, she didn’t have a soul and so couldn’t go to heaven”. We were able to talk about this issue she had and also pray for her to be healed of panic attacks. After prayer she said “I think I need to go and buy a Bible”.

We found a man outside a “bookshop” who was wearing a “black top”. He had an eye problem after recently being mugged. We were able to pray for him and show God’s compassion.

We then found a man with a “black coat” on a “bench”. He had lost his car keys and we were able to pray with him that he would quickly find them.

Team 2 (Kate, Lesley & Patrick)

As we left the church we got talking to a group of teenagers, one of whose middle name was on our map. This guy had back pain and after praying the pain went in his words “down from a 10 to a 4”. We prayed again and the pain completely left!

We also prayed for another teenager outside the church that had “red hair” and “spine trouble”. We prayed twice for healing and on each occasion the pain reduced and went!

A little later we met a man outside a “shop” wearing “sunglasses” who was of “mixed race”. We got to pray for him and some relatives that are caught up in some political turmoil in another country.

We then went off to “Costa Coffee” and met a group of three girls, one of which was wearing “green”. One of her friends had a bad back and when we prayed for her she felt heat in her back. We prayed twice and the pain reduced each time.

Finally we got to pray and share God’s compassion for a teenage girl who had recently lost a friend from a heart attack.

Team 3 (Martyn & Mark)

We headed off to “M&S” in RVP and found a girl wearing a “green top”. She looked at the other clues and found that “skin disease” and “holding a bouquet of flowers at a family event” were relevant to her (she had recently held flowers at a family members funeral). She was a Christian and was very open to us praying for God to heal her skin condition.

We then headed into a Jeweller shop that was on our map and went through all our clues with three of the shop assistants. One of them had a Dad that had “cancer” and we were able to pray then and there for his healing. They were all a little overwhelmed after our prayer and we left them one of our new treasure cards with church details on.

We then went off to “Top Man” and got speaking to a girl that was selling “precious” jewellery outside the shop. She had regular “headaches behind the eyes” and had a granddad with “throat cancer”. We got to pray for her and her granddad.

We then went looking for further treasures at “bus stops”. After getting to one bus stop we both felt we needed to wait a few minutes after which we got drawn to a couple. The girl was wearing a “green top” that had “pain in her side” and a “purple streak in her hair”. The guy’s middle name was on our map as was his sport “martial arts”. Despite being picked out by God they were unwilling to accept prayer for healing.

One of our remaining clues was a “post box” and so we went to an area in town that God put in our minds not knowing whether there was a post box there or not. Of course there was and we got speaking to a man in a “red top” that has a friend who had “throat cancer” that we were able to pray for.

On the way back to the church we passed through the food court at RVP and noticed a group of teenagers, one of who was wearing a green leather jacket. We decided this was close enough to our “green top” clue so we went over and went through all our clues with them. The girl with the green jacket had a skin condition and we were able to pray for her and a guy sitting next to her wanted us to pray for his degenerative eye condition which we did. Mark was able to share testimony of how God healed him of astigmatism a few years ago.

So together we had an exciting afternoon’s treasure hunt and saw three people instantly healed. I am sure as well that some of the others we prayed for will also be healed, even though we could not know for certain at the time we prayed. Please pray for them to be healed and for all we spoke to develop a desire to have a relationship with Jesus.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

“God Signs”


Treasure Hunting

Here are some of the stories from last weekend’s treasure hunt.

Team 1 (Peter, Shelagh & Abigail)

This was Abigail’s first time treasure hunting in Tunbridge Wells and she has a very specific clue of a person wearing a “shirt with a red lion and a black coat” and she also had the location of “Tesco”. So off we went and unsurprisingly we found our treasure! We asked if the man needed healing as per our other clues but he said he did not have any pain in the areas of his body that the clues identified. Shelagh was then prompted to ask if he had pain in his arms or legs and he said he did, so they were then able to pray for healing!

We then went off to a “music shop” and were glad to find that the owner was “David”. Though the owner was not very open we had a very good conversation with another member of staff in the shop.

We had a similar experience in the next shop that had “butterflies” and “flowers” in the window and got to talk to one of the shop assistants, even though she was not very interested.

We then headed for the “ice cream” stall in RVP and met a girl who was worried about her “future” had some “decisions” to make around school subject options and was looking for “peace.” We were able to show God’s concern for her and she allowed us to pray for her.

During the hunt we also met an acquaintance of Shelagh’s and we found out that she was a Christian, which was very encouraging. We also got to pray for her.

Team 3 (Mark, Rose & Jemimah)

On our maps we had “BHS” so we went off to the store in RVP to see if anyone there matched our other clues. After looking for five minutes and not finding anyone Mark decided to start talking to a group of teenage girls sitting outside the store because one of them was wearing “red”. As we read out our clues to them the girl wearing red said that the clue “bridge over troubled water” meant something to her, it was the song that was played at a relative’s funeral a year ago. “Loss” was also a clue on our maps. Though she did not accept our offer her prayer she and her friends were stirred up by our visit!

Another clue we had was “green shop” so we went to various stores that had green signage to see if we could find anymore treasure. We were able to pray for a number of different people to be healed, feel God’s presence and encouraged one lady to get back into a church. Some of our clues matched people’s name or clothing colour and this enabled us to open up conversation and ask them why they thought God had pick them out today.

As time was running out we wondered what to do with the last ten minutes and we noticed that we had not gone to the “telephone box” location. When we got there Mark noticed a charity group wearing green outside Boots (noting the “green shop” clue). We started talking to two of them and shared our clues. To our surprise one of them went off to the other charity workers and dragged a couple over as she thought they would be more open to what we were doing! One of the guys that came over saw a connection with the name “TIM” as it was his initials backward! He also had “leg pain” and was searching after God. He pulled out a book that he was reading which contained a number of short stories. He showed us a story called “God Signs” which was about two people talking and one of them was asking the other how could he pray so fervently to a God that is unseen and may not be real? We explained that the clues we had were “God signs” and spoke to him about Jesus. He also accepted our prayer for healing and as we prayed the presence of God came on him and he said he felt “tranquillity”. God is indeed good!

Further stories

An organised treasure hunt is not the only time we can find God’s treasure. Jeremy in the church recently shared a story where he met a man whilst shopping in town and through his treasure hunting experience was able to speak to him about Jesus and pray for him.

Nick also got to pray for a lady in a doctors surgery that he was doing some building work on. He started by sharing some personal testimonies and church healing testimonies at which point she asked him to pray for her healing needed, which of course he agreed to! As he prayed he presence of God came and he began to shake, which was not a problem for the lady after he explained what was happening.

A few days ago I got to pray for a school mum who was picking up a child from my house who had been playing with one of my children. As I was talking to one of my children God said loudly to me “headaches!” as this school mum was about to walk out the front door. I called across the living room “do you suffer from regular headaches?” She said yes and Fiona and I were able to pray for her healing.

Also 2-3 weeks ago whilst at Legoland when I was about to get off a ride God spoke to me about the member of staff helping people off. As I got off, realising I only had a few seconds; I asked him whether he was a Christian which he said he was. I then said “God want me to tell you that you have a destiny”. He responded very negatively at first not believing this but as he let the word affect him he started to wonder it was true.

Let these stories encourage you and stir you to open your eyes to those that God wants to speak to and heal that you come across across in your daily routines.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

The teenagers were just queuing up for prayer!


We had an amazing treasure hunt last week. We had the opportunity to talk to and pray for a good number of people.

Here is how it went...

Team 1 (Shelaugh, Rose, Jeremy & Lawrie)

We followed our clues to the “clock tower” and we met a man wearing “black”. He had gone to church in his youth and we were able to talk and pray for him about his faith.

We then got talking to a political group that were campaigning outside “starbucks”. We were able to answer many of their questions, share our testimonies and pray for one of the group to have an encounter with God’s presence and for his Dad to be healed.

Team 2 (Patrick, Kate & Wendy)

We set off to “M&S” to where the “carrots” were and we got talking to a lady that was nearby. One of our other clues was “money worries” and this was particularly relevant to her. We spoke to her about God’s kindness and we got to pray for her and her forthcoming grandchild. She welled up as God began to touch her.

We then went to the “orange” phone shop and met a woman with a “brown jacket” who had a “corn” on her foot. We were able to pray for healing.

Then it started to rain heavily and whilst under cover we got to speak to a lady and even though none of our clues matched she accepted our prayer for her son.

We then went to the “barn” and met a couple wearing “green rain coats”. The lady was a little defensive but said that Christians were always happy and wished she had what we had!

Team 3 (Mark, Jemimah, Jessica & Peter)

We went to the “ice cream” stall in RVP and began to talk to one of the servers wearing a “cap”. She had problems with her “wrists”, “ankle” and “lower spine” and we prayed for healing. She said she was a pagan and we noticed later that another one of our clues was “moon and stars”.

We then walked up to “Hawkins Bazaar” and looked for some minutes for people that matched our descriptive clues. Whilst we were there man came up to empty the bins next to where we were sitting. His name was one of our clues and we ended up praying for him about “anger and fear” and encouraged him to get back to church.

We carried on up to the “post office” and met a lady wearing a “red coat” and a “cap”. She was currently having treatment for cancer and after listening to us share some healing testimonies she accepted prayer for healing.

The Finale

All the teams then started to head back to the church for a debrief. Once we arrived we noticed there were a number of groups of teenagers sitting around. Patrick had the idea to try and see if any of his group’s unfound clues were relevant. This spurred some others into action and we found three girls that had names on our maps.

We prayed for the first girl that had a “sore foot” and a second girl to encounter God’s love and presence. When the second girl visibly experienced God’s presence and said she felt peaceful her friends started to ask if they could “have a turn”. We ended up talking to and praying for over ten teenagers to experience God and help them with their exams. At times we also prophesied things about their lives to show that God knew them. They were simply amazed. We also spoke to them about God’s kindness, love and concern for them. We invited a number to attend the Easter service.

What we experienced reminds us that the harvest is indeed ready to be picked! Treasure hunting helps us find where this ripe harvest is (as per Julian Adams prophecy to us a few years back).

Saturday, 6 March 2010

As He leads …

Street Encounters in Sevenoaks

Two weeks ago Fiona went with some of the youth from the church to the Julian Adams conference. She was able to take four of the girls treasure hunting and they had some exciting stories to tell and were even awarded a loaf of bread from one of their encounters!

One of our clues was "sewing shop", once inside we found "buttons" and "ribbons" (all clues from 3 different team members!) and found the girl behind the counter's name was there too. She let us pray for her about doing her A levels this summer since she was so anxious about them.

We then got to pray for a lady wearing "diamond earrings" with a "brown dog on a chain lead" at a "bus stop". She told us that a good friend had recently died. She let us hold her hand and we prayed that God would touch her and her friend's family in their time of grief.

We then saw a shop called Mousetrap (I had "Cat and Mouse" as one of my unusual clues and decided that was close enough!!!). As we walked into the shop we saw a girl holding "helium balloons" because it was her "birthday", standing next to a T-shirt with a huge "butterfly" on it. we showed her our map and she said that she did have a "tooth problem " that had been painful. Since she was in her early teens I said I would like to ask a parent if it was ok to pray for her. It turned out that her Mum owned the shop and Grandma was behind the counter. When we asked the grandma if we could pray for her grand-daughter's tooth problem she asked if we could pray for her daughter too who was poorly with a bad back!!! We took hold of grandma's hand and prayed for all three generations!!!!!

Another clue we had was "picnic". We saw a lady selling lots of beautiful breads and home-made goodies and felt drawn to her (not her wares!). On one of our treasure maps the only thing written under need was "stomach pain" and "cataracts". She was visibly taken aback and said "that's incredible, I have both of those , how could you know that?" She went on to explain that she had been so ill with stomach infections last year that she almost died. Despite having had an operation she still had stomach pain. She had also very recently been diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes.

I told her that out of thousands of people in Sevenoaks that day, that she was God's treasure and that He had singled her out. She began to well up with tears. I asked her name and if we could hold her hand and pray for her. She agreed. We all held her hand and prayed for God to heal her.

After doing so, one of our team asked if they could try one of the little bread samples that she had put out . She replied "I am so touched by what you have done, please take a whole loaf"

Isn't God good?

Treasure Hunting in Tunbridge Wells

Last weekend we were out treasure hunting again and here is how we got on ...

As we gathered to worship and prepare ourselves to go out I felt the Holy Spirit direct to ask if anyone needed healing. Three of the team responded and we prayed twice for their healing. Nessa had a migraine coming on and after the second time of prayer it left her, meaning she was a lot more at ease to go out treasure hunting. Kate’s stiff neck saw some improvement.

This was a great encouragement even before we go out!

We then divided into five teams and off we went.

Team 1 (Patrick, Jessica & Henry)

Our first treasure was wearing a “green coat, had “blue eyes” and was eating a “MacDonald's”. They were able to chat about God with them.

Another person we met was by a “jeep”, wearing a “denim shirt”, “glasses”, “white scarf” and their name was on the map. We were able to talk to them about being God’s treasure.

We then met a lady sitting on a “bench by a tree”, near a shop that had a “heart” balloon display. The names of two people that work for her were on Henry’s treasure map, which most encouraged him. We had a good conversation with her.

Team 2 (Martyn, Kathleen & Phillippa)

We met a lady with “red hair” that had “no where to call home” and started to talk to her about being God’s treasure. Her friend of hers then turned up whose baby son in a push chair had a “chest infection” and whose middle name was on their map. We had a fruitful conversation and were able to pray for the lady with “red hair”.

We also met a man outside “Blockbusters”, next to a poster that had a “top hat” in it and who was wearing a “purple top”. We had a good conversation with him about being picked out by God .

Team 3 (Lawrie, Nessa & Cassie)

We had a great conversation with a group of youngsters and others joined in and wanted to look through the maps to see any relevance to them! One was surprised to see the clue “Shaun the sheep” under the unusual category, which he said he "digged" very much!

Team 4 (Peter, Shelagh, Lesley & Heather)

We went off the to “market square” and bumped into someone who used to come to the youth impact event held at the church some years back. He said he often bumps into church members as God is after him. We were able to speak to him about how God loves him even though he has “messed up his life”.

Other clues also led us into Millets and found a man who works with a member of the church in Tunbridge Wells. He said that he was on the verge of coming to church for the first time. We had a great conversation with him and were able to pray for him and his mum, who had cancer.

Team 5 (Mark, Jemimah & Kate)

We followed our clues to “Starbucks” where we were looking for a girl who had her “hair up”. She was drinking coffee with a friend outside the shop and we got talking to them both. Her friend’s name was on the treasure map and also was her love of “horse” riding. She was somewhat surprised as she had been discussing with some friends the day before about God and so we were able to talk to her about how God desires each one of us to reach out and find him. We then prayed for her to encounter God.

We also talked to about five other people from following our clues, including a lady “wearing a white scarf”, who had “hurtful memories of the past” and whose aunts name was on the map. Sadly she closed up after she found out we were Christians but we did pray for her to encounter God as we went on our way.

We were able to pray for about three people to be healed, the most memorable being a man in a cafe that had an “ankle problem” and Kate boldly prayed for him in the middle of packed cafe.

Overall it was a great afternoon, with many meaningful encounters and some very accurate clues. Some people are finding that God is real, cares for them and wants to show them his goodness!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Kevin Dedmon's team reports from Haiti

View the latest video report (bottom left of screen) from Kevin Dedmon's team as they visit Haiti to bring the power and presence of God.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Our latest stories

Last weekend twelve of us went out treasure hunting and here is how we got on.

· Lawrie and Peter got to meet a man who had a FEAR OF CANCER (on their treasure map) and were able to talk to him about it. Another team then recognised this man (as he was a neighbour of one of the team members) and were able to join the other team in praying for him. The man was tangibly affected by the prayer and afterwards thanked both teams profusely

· One team met a man whilst on the way to their next map location who had a WALKING STICK and a STIFF NECK. The man had just finished an Alpha at a church in Tunbridge Wells and was very encouraged to be on a treasure map! The team then prayed for his healing and laid hands on him in the middle of the street, which brought a number of interesting looks from passers by!

· Karen had TOMATOES and ORANGES on her treasure map. So the team went to Tesco and found the fruit and veg section. The team felt the presence of God there so knew they had to wait for the treasure to turn up. About 5-10 minutes later a lady approached wearing a BLUE SCARF and after introducing themselves found that she had CONCERN FOR BROTHER who had multiple injuries following an ACCIDENT. The team were then able to pray for her and her brother

· After being prompted by the Holy Spirit, Mark approached a waiter at a restaurant and asked him to look at the treasure map. To the waiters surprise the name of his ex-girlfriends parents were on there and also his KNEE CONDITION. Mark was then able to pray for his healing and an encounter with God

· The most amusing story comes from Heather. She was in Waterstones bookshop and was approached by a man who was signing his newly launched book. She was given a bookmark (which was advertising the new book) that included a question about the purpose of life and destiny. She countered what it said by using her treasure map and explaining that we are alive to reach out and find God. To his amazement his name was on her treasure map but he did not believe in God. It is amazing that on the day this man launches his book to give a scientific basis for life, God sends someone to tell him the real answers to the questions he tries to answer in his book!

There are also many other stories from the teams that went out which could also be included here. It was a very encouraging afternoon!

We have also been praying for each other to have more opportunities within our daily routines and God is answering our prayers! Within the last two weeks:

· Fiona was able to speak to the Tesco home delivery driver about a friend who had cancer after hearing from the Holy Spirit about the situation earlier that day in her quiet time

· Patrick got to encourage an acquaintance to seek God further, who had recently been prayed for by a treasure hunting team in Norwich that had accurate clues about him

· Mark got the opportunity to pray for a shop assistant in Halfords about recurring headaches after receiving a prophetic word whilst shopping there

· Martyn, whilst on his way to work on a train, got to pray for an acquaintance who had a number of injuries following a recent car accident

· Others received prophetic words but did not quite find the courage to step out

We are learning that the “harvest is plentiful” and that we just need Jesus eyes to see it!