Monday, 8 February 2010

Kevin Dedmon's team reports from Haiti

View the latest video report (bottom left of screen) from Kevin Dedmon's team as they visit Haiti to bring the power and presence of God.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Our latest stories

Last weekend twelve of us went out treasure hunting and here is how we got on.

· Lawrie and Peter got to meet a man who had a FEAR OF CANCER (on their treasure map) and were able to talk to him about it. Another team then recognised this man (as he was a neighbour of one of the team members) and were able to join the other team in praying for him. The man was tangibly affected by the prayer and afterwards thanked both teams profusely

· One team met a man whilst on the way to their next map location who had a WALKING STICK and a STIFF NECK. The man had just finished an Alpha at a church in Tunbridge Wells and was very encouraged to be on a treasure map! The team then prayed for his healing and laid hands on him in the middle of the street, which brought a number of interesting looks from passers by!

· Karen had TOMATOES and ORANGES on her treasure map. So the team went to Tesco and found the fruit and veg section. The team felt the presence of God there so knew they had to wait for the treasure to turn up. About 5-10 minutes later a lady approached wearing a BLUE SCARF and after introducing themselves found that she had CONCERN FOR BROTHER who had multiple injuries following an ACCIDENT. The team were then able to pray for her and her brother

· After being prompted by the Holy Spirit, Mark approached a waiter at a restaurant and asked him to look at the treasure map. To the waiters surprise the name of his ex-girlfriends parents were on there and also his KNEE CONDITION. Mark was then able to pray for his healing and an encounter with God

· The most amusing story comes from Heather. She was in Waterstones bookshop and was approached by a man who was signing his newly launched book. She was given a bookmark (which was advertising the new book) that included a question about the purpose of life and destiny. She countered what it said by using her treasure map and explaining that we are alive to reach out and find God. To his amazement his name was on her treasure map but he did not believe in God. It is amazing that on the day this man launches his book to give a scientific basis for life, God sends someone to tell him the real answers to the questions he tries to answer in his book!

There are also many other stories from the teams that went out which could also be included here. It was a very encouraging afternoon!

We have also been praying for each other to have more opportunities within our daily routines and God is answering our prayers! Within the last two weeks:

· Fiona was able to speak to the Tesco home delivery driver about a friend who had cancer after hearing from the Holy Spirit about the situation earlier that day in her quiet time

· Patrick got to encourage an acquaintance to seek God further, who had recently been prayed for by a treasure hunting team in Norwich that had accurate clues about him

· Mark got the opportunity to pray for a shop assistant in Halfords about recurring headaches after receiving a prophetic word whilst shopping there

· Martyn, whilst on his way to work on a train, got to pray for an acquaintance who had a number of injuries following a recent car accident

· Others received prophetic words but did not quite find the courage to step out

We are learning that the “harvest is plentiful” and that we just need Jesus eyes to see it!