Saturday, 6 March 2010

As He leads …

Street Encounters in Sevenoaks

Two weeks ago Fiona went with some of the youth from the church to the Julian Adams conference. She was able to take four of the girls treasure hunting and they had some exciting stories to tell and were even awarded a loaf of bread from one of their encounters!

One of our clues was "sewing shop", once inside we found "buttons" and "ribbons" (all clues from 3 different team members!) and found the girl behind the counter's name was there too. She let us pray for her about doing her A levels this summer since she was so anxious about them.

We then got to pray for a lady wearing "diamond earrings" with a "brown dog on a chain lead" at a "bus stop". She told us that a good friend had recently died. She let us hold her hand and we prayed that God would touch her and her friend's family in their time of grief.

We then saw a shop called Mousetrap (I had "Cat and Mouse" as one of my unusual clues and decided that was close enough!!!). As we walked into the shop we saw a girl holding "helium balloons" because it was her "birthday", standing next to a T-shirt with a huge "butterfly" on it. we showed her our map and she said that she did have a "tooth problem " that had been painful. Since she was in her early teens I said I would like to ask a parent if it was ok to pray for her. It turned out that her Mum owned the shop and Grandma was behind the counter. When we asked the grandma if we could pray for her grand-daughter's tooth problem she asked if we could pray for her daughter too who was poorly with a bad back!!! We took hold of grandma's hand and prayed for all three generations!!!!!

Another clue we had was "picnic". We saw a lady selling lots of beautiful breads and home-made goodies and felt drawn to her (not her wares!). On one of our treasure maps the only thing written under need was "stomach pain" and "cataracts". She was visibly taken aback and said "that's incredible, I have both of those , how could you know that?" She went on to explain that she had been so ill with stomach infections last year that she almost died. Despite having had an operation she still had stomach pain. She had also very recently been diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes.

I told her that out of thousands of people in Sevenoaks that day, that she was God's treasure and that He had singled her out. She began to well up with tears. I asked her name and if we could hold her hand and pray for her. She agreed. We all held her hand and prayed for God to heal her.

After doing so, one of our team asked if they could try one of the little bread samples that she had put out . She replied "I am so touched by what you have done, please take a whole loaf"

Isn't God good?

Treasure Hunting in Tunbridge Wells

Last weekend we were out treasure hunting again and here is how we got on ...

As we gathered to worship and prepare ourselves to go out I felt the Holy Spirit direct to ask if anyone needed healing. Three of the team responded and we prayed twice for their healing. Nessa had a migraine coming on and after the second time of prayer it left her, meaning she was a lot more at ease to go out treasure hunting. Kate’s stiff neck saw some improvement.

This was a great encouragement even before we go out!

We then divided into five teams and off we went.

Team 1 (Patrick, Jessica & Henry)

Our first treasure was wearing a “green coat, had “blue eyes” and was eating a “MacDonald's”. They were able to chat about God with them.

Another person we met was by a “jeep”, wearing a “denim shirt”, “glasses”, “white scarf” and their name was on the map. We were able to talk to them about being God’s treasure.

We then met a lady sitting on a “bench by a tree”, near a shop that had a “heart” balloon display. The names of two people that work for her were on Henry’s treasure map, which most encouraged him. We had a good conversation with her.

Team 2 (Martyn, Kathleen & Phillippa)

We met a lady with “red hair” that had “no where to call home” and started to talk to her about being God’s treasure. Her friend of hers then turned up whose baby son in a push chair had a “chest infection” and whose middle name was on their map. We had a fruitful conversation and were able to pray for the lady with “red hair”.

We also met a man outside “Blockbusters”, next to a poster that had a “top hat” in it and who was wearing a “purple top”. We had a good conversation with him about being picked out by God .

Team 3 (Lawrie, Nessa & Cassie)

We had a great conversation with a group of youngsters and others joined in and wanted to look through the maps to see any relevance to them! One was surprised to see the clue “Shaun the sheep” under the unusual category, which he said he "digged" very much!

Team 4 (Peter, Shelagh, Lesley & Heather)

We went off the to “market square” and bumped into someone who used to come to the youth impact event held at the church some years back. He said he often bumps into church members as God is after him. We were able to speak to him about how God loves him even though he has “messed up his life”.

Other clues also led us into Millets and found a man who works with a member of the church in Tunbridge Wells. He said that he was on the verge of coming to church for the first time. We had a great conversation with him and were able to pray for him and his mum, who had cancer.

Team 5 (Mark, Jemimah & Kate)

We followed our clues to “Starbucks” where we were looking for a girl who had her “hair up”. She was drinking coffee with a friend outside the shop and we got talking to them both. Her friend’s name was on the treasure map and also was her love of “horse” riding. She was somewhat surprised as she had been discussing with some friends the day before about God and so we were able to talk to her about how God desires each one of us to reach out and find him. We then prayed for her to encounter God.

We also talked to about five other people from following our clues, including a lady “wearing a white scarf”, who had “hurtful memories of the past” and whose aunts name was on the map. Sadly she closed up after she found out we were Christians but we did pray for her to encounter God as we went on our way.

We were able to pray for about three people to be healed, the most memorable being a man in a cafe that had an “ankle problem” and Kate boldly prayed for him in the middle of packed cafe.

Overall it was a great afternoon, with many meaningful encounters and some very accurate clues. Some people are finding that God is real, cares for them and wants to show them his goodness!