Thursday, 1 April 2010

The teenagers were just queuing up for prayer!


We had an amazing treasure hunt last week. We had the opportunity to talk to and pray for a good number of people.

Here is how it went...

Team 1 (Shelaugh, Rose, Jeremy & Lawrie)

We followed our clues to the “clock tower” and we met a man wearing “black”. He had gone to church in his youth and we were able to talk and pray for him about his faith.

We then got talking to a political group that were campaigning outside “starbucks”. We were able to answer many of their questions, share our testimonies and pray for one of the group to have an encounter with God’s presence and for his Dad to be healed.

Team 2 (Patrick, Kate & Wendy)

We set off to “M&S” to where the “carrots” were and we got talking to a lady that was nearby. One of our other clues was “money worries” and this was particularly relevant to her. We spoke to her about God’s kindness and we got to pray for her and her forthcoming grandchild. She welled up as God began to touch her.

We then went to the “orange” phone shop and met a woman with a “brown jacket” who had a “corn” on her foot. We were able to pray for healing.

Then it started to rain heavily and whilst under cover we got to speak to a lady and even though none of our clues matched she accepted our prayer for her son.

We then went to the “barn” and met a couple wearing “green rain coats”. The lady was a little defensive but said that Christians were always happy and wished she had what we had!

Team 3 (Mark, Jemimah, Jessica & Peter)

We went to the “ice cream” stall in RVP and began to talk to one of the servers wearing a “cap”. She had problems with her “wrists”, “ankle” and “lower spine” and we prayed for healing. She said she was a pagan and we noticed later that another one of our clues was “moon and stars”.

We then walked up to “Hawkins Bazaar” and looked for some minutes for people that matched our descriptive clues. Whilst we were there man came up to empty the bins next to where we were sitting. His name was one of our clues and we ended up praying for him about “anger and fear” and encouraged him to get back to church.

We carried on up to the “post office” and met a lady wearing a “red coat” and a “cap”. She was currently having treatment for cancer and after listening to us share some healing testimonies she accepted prayer for healing.

The Finale

All the teams then started to head back to the church for a debrief. Once we arrived we noticed there were a number of groups of teenagers sitting around. Patrick had the idea to try and see if any of his group’s unfound clues were relevant. This spurred some others into action and we found three girls that had names on our maps.

We prayed for the first girl that had a “sore foot” and a second girl to encounter God’s love and presence. When the second girl visibly experienced God’s presence and said she felt peaceful her friends started to ask if they could “have a turn”. We ended up talking to and praying for over ten teenagers to experience God and help them with their exams. At times we also prophesied things about their lives to show that God knew them. They were simply amazed. We also spoke to them about God’s kindness, love and concern for them. We invited a number to attend the Easter service.

What we experienced reminds us that the harvest is indeed ready to be picked! Treasure hunting helps us find where this ripe harvest is (as per Julian Adams prophecy to us a few years back).