Wednesday, 12 May 2010

“God Signs”


Treasure Hunting

Here are some of the stories from last weekend’s treasure hunt.

Team 1 (Peter, Shelagh & Abigail)

This was Abigail’s first time treasure hunting in Tunbridge Wells and she has a very specific clue of a person wearing a “shirt with a red lion and a black coat” and she also had the location of “Tesco”. So off we went and unsurprisingly we found our treasure! We asked if the man needed healing as per our other clues but he said he did not have any pain in the areas of his body that the clues identified. Shelagh was then prompted to ask if he had pain in his arms or legs and he said he did, so they were then able to pray for healing!

We then went off to a “music shop” and were glad to find that the owner was “David”. Though the owner was not very open we had a very good conversation with another member of staff in the shop.

We had a similar experience in the next shop that had “butterflies” and “flowers” in the window and got to talk to one of the shop assistants, even though she was not very interested.

We then headed for the “ice cream” stall in RVP and met a girl who was worried about her “future” had some “decisions” to make around school subject options and was looking for “peace.” We were able to show God’s concern for her and she allowed us to pray for her.

During the hunt we also met an acquaintance of Shelagh’s and we found out that she was a Christian, which was very encouraging. We also got to pray for her.

Team 3 (Mark, Rose & Jemimah)

On our maps we had “BHS” so we went off to the store in RVP to see if anyone there matched our other clues. After looking for five minutes and not finding anyone Mark decided to start talking to a group of teenage girls sitting outside the store because one of them was wearing “red”. As we read out our clues to them the girl wearing red said that the clue “bridge over troubled water” meant something to her, it was the song that was played at a relative’s funeral a year ago. “Loss” was also a clue on our maps. Though she did not accept our offer her prayer she and her friends were stirred up by our visit!

Another clue we had was “green shop” so we went to various stores that had green signage to see if we could find anymore treasure. We were able to pray for a number of different people to be healed, feel God’s presence and encouraged one lady to get back into a church. Some of our clues matched people’s name or clothing colour and this enabled us to open up conversation and ask them why they thought God had pick them out today.

As time was running out we wondered what to do with the last ten minutes and we noticed that we had not gone to the “telephone box” location. When we got there Mark noticed a charity group wearing green outside Boots (noting the “green shop” clue). We started talking to two of them and shared our clues. To our surprise one of them went off to the other charity workers and dragged a couple over as she thought they would be more open to what we were doing! One of the guys that came over saw a connection with the name “TIM” as it was his initials backward! He also had “leg pain” and was searching after God. He pulled out a book that he was reading which contained a number of short stories. He showed us a story called “God Signs” which was about two people talking and one of them was asking the other how could he pray so fervently to a God that is unseen and may not be real? We explained that the clues we had were “God signs” and spoke to him about Jesus. He also accepted our prayer for healing and as we prayed the presence of God came on him and he said he felt “tranquillity”. God is indeed good!

Further stories

An organised treasure hunt is not the only time we can find God’s treasure. Jeremy in the church recently shared a story where he met a man whilst shopping in town and through his treasure hunting experience was able to speak to him about Jesus and pray for him.

Nick also got to pray for a lady in a doctors surgery that he was doing some building work on. He started by sharing some personal testimonies and church healing testimonies at which point she asked him to pray for her healing needed, which of course he agreed to! As he prayed he presence of God came and he began to shake, which was not a problem for the lady after he explained what was happening.

A few days ago I got to pray for a school mum who was picking up a child from my house who had been playing with one of my children. As I was talking to one of my children God said loudly to me “headaches!” as this school mum was about to walk out the front door. I called across the living room “do you suffer from regular headaches?” She said yes and Fiona and I were able to pray for her healing.

Also 2-3 weeks ago whilst at Legoland when I was about to get off a ride God spoke to me about the member of staff helping people off. As I got off, realising I only had a few seconds; I asked him whether he was a Christian which he said he was. I then said “God want me to tell you that you have a destiny”. He responded very negatively at first not believing this but as he let the word affect him he started to wonder it was true.

Let these stories encourage you and stir you to open your eyes to those that God wants to speak to and heal that you come across across in your daily routines.