Friday, 4 June 2010

Instant Healings!

Following a very exciting Bill Johnson healing conference, we were itching to get out treasure hunting, so here are some of the stories from last weekend’s hunt.

Team 1 (Jeremy, Shelagh & Peter)

As we left the church building we got talking to a teenager who had “ginger hair”. She had been told by friends that “because she had ginger hair, she didn’t have a soul and so couldn’t go to heaven”. We were able to talk about this issue she had and also pray for her to be healed of panic attacks. After prayer she said “I think I need to go and buy a Bible”.

We found a man outside a “bookshop” who was wearing a “black top”. He had an eye problem after recently being mugged. We were able to pray for him and show God’s compassion.

We then found a man with a “black coat” on a “bench”. He had lost his car keys and we were able to pray with him that he would quickly find them.

Team 2 (Kate, Lesley & Patrick)

As we left the church we got talking to a group of teenagers, one of whose middle name was on our map. This guy had back pain and after praying the pain went in his words “down from a 10 to a 4”. We prayed again and the pain completely left!

We also prayed for another teenager outside the church that had “red hair” and “spine trouble”. We prayed twice for healing and on each occasion the pain reduced and went!

A little later we met a man outside a “shop” wearing “sunglasses” who was of “mixed race”. We got to pray for him and some relatives that are caught up in some political turmoil in another country.

We then went off to “Costa Coffee” and met a group of three girls, one of which was wearing “green”. One of her friends had a bad back and when we prayed for her she felt heat in her back. We prayed twice and the pain reduced each time.

Finally we got to pray and share God’s compassion for a teenage girl who had recently lost a friend from a heart attack.

Team 3 (Martyn & Mark)

We headed off to “M&S” in RVP and found a girl wearing a “green top”. She looked at the other clues and found that “skin disease” and “holding a bouquet of flowers at a family event” were relevant to her (she had recently held flowers at a family members funeral). She was a Christian and was very open to us praying for God to heal her skin condition.

We then headed into a Jeweller shop that was on our map and went through all our clues with three of the shop assistants. One of them had a Dad that had “cancer” and we were able to pray then and there for his healing. They were all a little overwhelmed after our prayer and we left them one of our new treasure cards with church details on.

We then went off to “Top Man” and got speaking to a girl that was selling “precious” jewellery outside the shop. She had regular “headaches behind the eyes” and had a granddad with “throat cancer”. We got to pray for her and her granddad.

We then went looking for further treasures at “bus stops”. After getting to one bus stop we both felt we needed to wait a few minutes after which we got drawn to a couple. The girl was wearing a “green top” that had “pain in her side” and a “purple streak in her hair”. The guy’s middle name was on our map as was his sport “martial arts”. Despite being picked out by God they were unwilling to accept prayer for healing.

One of our remaining clues was a “post box” and so we went to an area in town that God put in our minds not knowing whether there was a post box there or not. Of course there was and we got speaking to a man in a “red top” that has a friend who had “throat cancer” that we were able to pray for.

On the way back to the church we passed through the food court at RVP and noticed a group of teenagers, one of who was wearing a green leather jacket. We decided this was close enough to our “green top” clue so we went over and went through all our clues with them. The girl with the green jacket had a skin condition and we were able to pray for her and a guy sitting next to her wanted us to pray for his degenerative eye condition which we did. Mark was able to share testimony of how God healed him of astigmatism a few years ago.

So together we had an exciting afternoon’s treasure hunt and saw three people instantly healed. I am sure as well that some of the others we prayed for will also be healed, even though we could not know for certain at the time we prayed. Please pray for them to be healed and for all we spoke to develop a desire to have a relationship with Jesus.