Saturday, 17 July 2010

Healings, testimonies and a yard brush!

It has been a great few weeks for us because we have seen some amazing healings and also been very encouraged after attending a Firestorm conference led by Kevin & Theresa Dedmon from the Bethel church.

Treasure Hunting in Tunbridge Wells

Two ago we were out treasure hunting and here are our favourite stories.

Team 1 (Deborah, Peter, Rose & Nessa)

We went off to RVP food court after being led there and found a lady wearing “beads”, a “red t-Shirt” and an “unusual ring”. We found out that this lady and her friends had recently planted a church and were considering starting treasure hunting. They were encouraged to being picked out by God and saw this as God’s leading to get going with the treasure hunting!

We then went up to the millennium clock and met three guys that were drinking alcohol. One was wearing a “checked shirt” and another of them a “jacket”. One of their names was on our list too. We asked whether any of them had been hit hard by something, as that was on our map in the unusual category. The guys whose name we had said yes I was shot ten years ago and he was still in some pain. We were able to pray with him.

Later we met a group of young people that were wearing “unusual rings”, had a friend that had written a song called “blue sky”, one of whose name was on our map and another who had a sports injury. We were able to pray for their healing.

Team 2 (Henry, Mark & Shelagh)

Shortly after leaving the church we found three ladies wearing “flowery dresses”, one with “auburn hair” and all had “shiny toe nails”. When we went through our other clues we found that one had a “pain in the neck” and another had hearing problems (the actual clue was “hearing aid” and they laughed when they said it because they had just said to this lady that she needed a hearing aid!). The lady with the neck pain wanted us to pray for her, even before we offered, which we did and on the third time we prayed, we felt the presence of God touch her.

We then went off looking for a “bakery” and we found the staff were wearing “black t-shirts”. We went through the clues with the lady behind the counter and she was amazed that we had “staffing” (she was only in the shop because they had staffing shortages), her aunts name, her mum’s and dad’s health problems and the name of another member of staff who worked there. She knew God had picked her out. After we found out that her mum was working in the bakery, we offered to pray for her healing, so she went and found her mum who was working in the kitchen. Sadly her mum would not let us pray for her stomach condition, but thought initially we were clairvoyants. We have some ground to take back from the enemy!

Near the end we were looking for an “England top” but following the world cup results these were difficult to find! Henry suddenly saw a guy wearing an England rugby top, so we stopped to talk. What amazed him was that one of our unusual clues was “someone who uses their middle name as their first name”, which this guy does. This led to a good conversation and we were able to pray for him about God having a destiny for him.

Firestorm conference

Patrick, Shelagh & Mark were able to attend this conference in London at the weekend. It was encouraging to hear the stories coming out of the Bethel, especially how people they meet whilst treasure hunting encounter God powerfully when they get them to invite the Holy Spirit to come.

After some awesome teaching on identity and destiny, off we went treasure hunting. Mark & Patrick were able to lead groups of people that had not done it before.

Patrick’s team saw two people instantly healed, one who was jumping up and down after being healed from a sports injury in his foot.

Shelagh was very encouraged with one man they met because she had “yard brush” on her map, and he happened to have one with him! She also was able to pray for a boy who was bent double with “breathing difficulties”, after which he was instantly healed.

Mark had fun leading a team of energetic and enthusiastic treasure hunters, who often ran after someone who matched their clues! One girl on the team was amazed to see a man leaving a “coffee shop” with a “bunch of white flowers” and walking past a “pelican crossing”, matching the clues on her map. We were able to pray for a number of people for healing and an encounter with God’s presence.

Other healing stories

Back in June last year Martyn was able to pray for a colleague at work with neck pain. What Martyn didn’t know at the time was that this was a long term condition of some 8-9 years. He only told Martyn the other week how he had pain most days and once a month it was very bad. Since being prayed for he has been pain free for a year! Awesome.

Fiona also got to pray for a teacher at the junior school her children go to. The next day the teacher wrote her a note saying how much better it was!

Mark has been able to pray for a number of people within church meetings that have had bone alignment problems or have one leg shorter than the other. Very encouragingly he has now seen three people’s legs grow, one knee ligament reduce on size and one foot change shape so it is now flat.

It is encouraging to see an increase in the healing stories among us.