Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Another creative miracle!

Last week Fiona hosted a birthday dinner party at our house for a friend in the church. There were a number of guests, including a girl that we had not met before.

During the meal Fiona shared about the ankle miracle that happened whilst I and some others from our church were in the Peak District teaching about treasure hunting.

Later in the evening I had a prophetic word about a shoulder injury. So I popped my head around the dining room door and asked if anyone had a problem with their shoulder.

The girl, that we had not met before, said she had hurt her shoulder whilst doing some DIY a few days earlier but it was now ok. She then went onto say that her real problem was her ankle. She had an accident when she was a teenager and had to have her ankle pinned. Her ankle was often swollen and in pain.

We offered to pray for her and she accepted. After a few minutes of prayer we asked her to test it out and to her amazement she said it felt looser than it normally did.

We then got to share with her about the goodness of God, His concern for her and some other miracle stories.

We got a text 48 hours later saying that the swelling had gone down and she had been doing DIY for two days without any pain! She is genuinely amazed at what God has done for her.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Creative Miracles!

Last weekend we had the privilege to visit the New Frontiers churches in the Peak District to train them in treasure hunting. Twenty five people came to the training day from the Buxton, Chesterfield & Matlock churches. They were superb: finding their treasure, praying for healing and seeing some amazing answers to prayer.

Seven of us from the Wild Evangelism stream were able to go and it was great working together as a team.

During the training and at the Sunday church service we also got to pray for healing for a number of those in the church. Here are some of the stories.

Ankle Healed

On the team was a man who had a problem with his ankle. He was born with a weak ankle and at eighteen was given the wrong operation (it was for the patient in the hospital bed next to him!). This operation fused his ankle so it could only move up and down and not side to side. 40 years on, his ankle was badly swollen, and he had to walk with a stick and use a scooter on bad days.

After praying for him for a few minutes he was able to move his ankle side to side and by the end of the day was able to walk unaided by a stick. Also the pain subsided.

On Sunday at church he was showing off his new ankle, it was no longer swollen and he was running for the first time for many years and is now pain free! God is so awesome!

Back Healed

There was another man who responded to a “hip” word as he had just had a hip operation. We prayed for a fast recovery but also for his back because he was in pain. After prayer all the pain in his back left and he regained full movement and was bending over and touching his toes. At the time we thought this was related to his hip operation but he later told us he had a degenerative disorder in his spine but now had no pain or restrictions. God is so good!

Swollen Ears Healed

A lady responded to an “itching ears” word because her ears irritated her so much that she often scratched them leading to them becoming badly swollen. As we prayed for she said excitedly that she could feel the swelling going down!

There were many other stories of healing whilst treasure hunting and within the church, it was literally an amazing weekend of seeing God move powerfully.