Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Treasure hunting stories

We have been out on a number of treasure hunts recently and here are some of my favourite stories.

Firstly from when we went up to the Peak District:

· Shelagh’s team headed for the “bus station” near “Sainsburys” and they met a lady wearing a “white coat” and whose daughter had “red hair”. They were able to pray for the lady that had psoriasis (skin condition) and also prayed for her daughter who had a hip problem. After praying for the daughter the pain in her hip instantly left!

· Mark’s team went off to the “park” to find a “bandstand”. We met a lady wearing a “red coat”, had “three dogs” and had a “leg problem”. She was very open and we were able to pray for her healing. We asked her to test it out but she said she would not know until the next day as it was worst in the morning after she got up.

· Later that day we went for a walk around Bakewell. Patrick decided to approach a group of girls and get out his treasure map that he had used earlier. This was because they were near a hotel that had a name similar to one of his clues. We found a girl whose name was on the map and also had a “fear of dogs”. She was willing to let us pray for her. We then asked if any of the other girls wanted to feel the presence of God. Without hesitation one of the girls said yes and held her hands open to receive!

Secondly from our most recent hunt in Tunbridge Wells:

· Mark, Jean, Peter and Patrick went to the war memorial where there was a “wall”, “bench” and “lamppost”. We met a couple, the man had been a “pilot” had a “knee problem” and was wearing “green trainers” and the women had a “nasal problem”. We were able to pray for them both. We left them with a treasure card and with the knowledge that God wants to do them good.

· Martyn, Hugh and Shelagh went to the “Body Shop” and met a man wearing a “GAP top”. They were able to pray for his “arm” which was having an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite. One of his friends had a “leather jacket” and they were able to pray for him to know the heart of God. This was a particularly encouraging conversation as these men were from a Muslim background and allowed the team to pray for healing in Jesus name.

· Mark & Patrick also got to meet a Christian family in the “library”, the mothers name being on the list and her daughter was wearing “red trousers”. When we introduced ourselves they said “can’t be us that you are looking for because we have only just arrived here”. When we hear comments like that experience tells us that they are probably our treasure! After building some rapport, we were able to pray for the mother’s job situation and show her that God knew her needs.

God is very much leading us to people he wants to touch and we are learning to partner with Him to release His presence as we pray for people.

Do you fancy joining with us on a treasure hunt so that you too can learn how to partner with God for the miraculous?