Saturday, 17 December 2011

All in the group healed!

Before we went out treasure hunting last week we spent longer than usual drinking in his presence so we could better partner with Him in his purpose of revealing and demonstrating his Kingdom.

Here are two of our stories:

  • Martyn, Chris, Peter and Sue had “Trinity Theatre” on their map and they found a lady inside that had “red hair”, was suffering from “depression”, “diabetes” and “chronic tiredness”. They also had the name “Rebecca” on their treasure map which was the name the lady called her daughter but was not the daughters real name. The lady was somewhat overwhelmed at the accuracy of the clues and the team were able to spend some time talking and praying with her


  • Mark and Nathan were drawn to a group of three teenagers taking a break from their work. One of the girls knew about eight names on their treasure maps and also identified to three issues in her body that needed prayer, which were also on the maps! The other two teenagers also found that the problems they had in their body were on the treasure map. They were intrigued with what was happening and were open to prayer. Mark & Nathan first prayed for the teenager that had a “fractured collar bone”. After prayer he got ten per cent improvement but was still in pain. After praying the second time all the pain left and he got complete movement in his arm! The other two teenagers had problems with their feet, one had fallen arches and the other had high arches. After praying for them there was shock on both their faces as they tested out their feet and found all the pain had gone. Mark then shared the gospel with then and had a prophetic word about how God saw them. It was an amazing encounter and seeing God heal all of them in the group!

Friday, 25 November 2011

Chesterfield Treasure Hunting Weekend

We had the recent privilege of running a treasure hunting weekend for a church in Chesterfield.

It was great fun and people really threw themselves into it despite being the first time for many. There were around thirty of us that went out treasure hunting.

Here are two of our stories (treasure map clues are in bold):

  • Peter and Nicole’s team spotted a pub called the Royal Oak (Red Oak was one of their clues) so they went towards it and found a shop nearby selling Tarot cards and it had a sun with a face in it (another 2 clues). They saw a lady and her daughter walking towards them. She was carrying a heavy, awkward package, maybe a radiator. Peter offered to carry the radiator for her and she gladly accepted help. After helping the lady put the radiator in her car, they asked if they could go through the treasure map clues. On the map were her mother and her dad names, her sons middle name, and also the name of her nephew! She then looked at the map for reasons that she may need prayer and told them that her mother had broken her leg and the pins holding it together were coming loose and affecting her knee (another clue) and thyroid problems was the condition her daughter had. She also added that she used to go the Royal Oak pub! They told her that God had singled her out and asked if they could pray for her. She was pleased that they prayed for her and said that it had really made her day! God is so good!


  • Mark & Nathan’s team met a number of teenagers near the church with the crooked spire and got into a conversation with them about God. A number of them had smoking related diseases and we were able to pray for them to be healed. Two of the girls were also very receptive to being prayed for to encounter God’s presence. They had also met one of the guys in the group earlier in the day where the treasure maps had six names on it of people he knew plus a number of other clues (including self harm) that really highlighted God had singled him out! He couldn’t believe they had found him again! After praying for these teenagers they went down the road and were drawn to a lady. They got talking to her and found out she was a Christian. They had words of knowledge about pain in her legs and also a child that was struggling in the faith. They were able to pray for her and she was filled with encouragement and went off bouncing down the road! As they headed back to the church they passed a man standing at a bus stop. As Mark approach him God spoke to him about how this man had a music gift that would unlock people’s hearts in worship. Mark shared this with the man what God had said and he was so impacted he wanted to come back to the church. At the church they were able to pray further for him and to introduce to him to other musicians.

In all the time I have been treasure hunting I have never seen so many occasions where the number of clues were so accurate. In one case Lesley’s team had fourteen clues that were relevant to two girls. It was an exciting weekend and one we will not forget.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

A smorgasbord of clues and opportunities


We were out treasure hunting last weekend, the first time since before the summer hols. Shelagh, Peter, Graeme and myself headed into town with lots of clues God had given us.

We approached a small group of teenagers and there was a guy for whom three of the names on the treasure maps were relevant. He admitted he had been been picked out in the past by a treasure hunting team. We were able to speak to him about God having a plan for his life and then prayed for his leg following a “recent operation”.

We then went over to a larger group of teenagers and read out out list of names and conditions that needed prayer. There were a number that responded. We prayed for one girl that had “regular headaches”, “pink sunglasses” and had “family worries”.

In the precinct we were drawn to a group of people that were signing people up to charity. We had a good conversation with them and were able to pray for two of the girls, one who had “headaches” all the time, another had a problem with her “leg” and was “estranged” from her family. They were very touched and open to prayer.

We also met a man who had recently lost his faith and had a number of connections with our church. He was grateful to be prayed for.

There were other conversations and opportunities to pray. People were very open and responsive to the treasure hunt. We had a smorgasbord of clues and opportunities all afternoon!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Late night treasure hunting for a rose tattoo!

We went out into the town the other night looking for people that were out late clubbing. We had a number of good conversations but here is one that stood out.

We got into conversation with two girls, even though at first sight there were no obvious clues on our maps that would draw us to them.

As the conversation opened up there were four names on the maps that were relevant to them, one of the girls had “had recent surgery”, the other girl had a “pain in a knee”, one of them “played cards” weekly, the other had been “hurt using a stapler” (a very unusual clue!), one had a “rose tattoo” on her shoulder (this had been covered by her jacket ), one had “had an argument recently” and one “had a stud” on her tongue.

Overall we had 11 clues for these two girls!

We asked them why they thought God had picked them out and also offered to pray for their healing.  Whilst we were praying God prompted one of the team to ask the girl with the tattoo whether she had a brother. She in fact did have a brother that she had not spoken to for 12 years and she very much wanted see reconciliation. We then prayed and ask God to step in and bring healing in their family relationships.

The story does not stop there. About twenty minutes later we bumped into the same girls at the station. We thought that we should give the girls some literature (as we had forgotten earlier) and we passed it to one of the girls as she got into a taxi.

What we didn’t know at the time was that the taxi driver happened to be a member of our church! He had recognised us and started a conversation with the girl about what had happened. She said she was amazed at how relevant the clues were to her and that though she was not yet a Christian something significant had happened tonight! She then went onto to question how she could live out a Christian life among her family who were not Christians. The taxi driver was able to encourage her further in her search for faith.

The God connections in their story are simply amazing! It is always amazing to be part of what God does in touching people.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Treasure hunting

I thought it was worth writing down some of our treasure hunting stories from the last couple of months.

  • Martyn, Hugh and Lynn went to Ely Court, the location on their treasure map, and found a man wearing a "navy blue quilted coat" (that he had only just put on!). They got to pray for his friend who had "golden hair", an "ankle problem", a "sense of desperation" and who had a "decision time" regarding university. They said that being God's treasure was weird but in a nice way!

  • Martyn, Hugh and Lynn then went to ASK restaurant where they found a man in a "blue t-shirt", whose arm was in a "cast", and whose son, brother and sister in law names was on the treasure map! They prayed for his healing as the break was not naturally healing well.
  • Phil, Mark & Jemimah went to the Town Hall, the location on their treasure map, and met a teenager whose name was on their map. He had a "knee problem" and also liked flying "kites". They were able to pray for his knee and he had to run to test it out - he was reluctant at first but his group of teenage friends encouraged him to run. He said that it had improved after we prayed. We then prayed again and asked God to complete the healing.
  • On the way back to the church, Phil, Mark & Jemimah met a group of teenagers, two of them had names on the treasure map and another two had "birthdays" in the last few days. At this point they asked "are you the guys that heal?". The testimony of Jesus at work amongst the treasure hunting teams is starting to get known! We were able to pray for them as they were worried about exams.
  • Lawrie, Shelagh & Peter went to a "hairdresser" that had a "red and white sign" and were able to pray for someone outside who had a "spine problem". They then went into the hairdresser and had a conversation with a man who read the Bible but who had a bad experience with a church. They were able to talk this through and answer some of his questions.
  • Nessa & Shelagh met a lady outside "Cafe Nero" who was wearing a "pink jacket" and had a "chain" on her bag. She had "sadness" due to the loss of her father (it was the day before Father's day). They were able to pray with her and bring her some comfort.
  • Nessa & Mark got to speak to a lady outside "Waterstones" who was promoting her business. They were able to talk to her about Jesus and reveal that she had a "back problem". They laid hands on her and prayed for healing and an encounter with God's presence. It was good to see that she was visibly touched and the encounter changed her mood.
  • Sue & Rose met a couple, one of which had a "blue bag with bottles in it" and the other had an "eye" and "ankle" problems. They were able to pray for their healing and also some emotional issues.

It is always moving that God draws us to people that need an encounter with him. It is a real privilege to be able to bring God's goodness, love, presence and healing to people that do not know him.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Accurate Clues

Richard came out treasure hunting for the first time a few weeks back. One of his clues was being “stuck in a lift and feeling claustrophobic”. As we left the church to go out we stopped by a group of 4 teenagers and we were amazed to find out that two of them had been recently stuck in different lifts! The experience for one of them had negatively impacted him and we were able to pray for him.

Mark had on his treasure map “red trousers”, “hospital” and “head & back pain”. As we went through the food court in RVP a lady literally bumped into Mark who was wearing red trousers! As we started a conversation with her she revealed she had just come out of hospital and currently had pain in her head and back. She thought we were completely mad but she let us pray for her healing!

Derek had clues for someone wearing a “small black rucksack” and also “Town Hall”. So as we approached the Town Hall, who were we to find but a man waiting for a bus wearing a small black rucksack! We were able to talk to him and he was some what surprised by our clues because he was an atheist.

Shelagh had the clue “YMCA” and was encouraged to find out in conversation with someone she got talking to that he had recently being staying at a YMCA hostel.

As it says in 1 Corinthians 14:25 “the secrets of their hearts are laid bare”. God is able to share with us the secrets of peoples hearts so that he can do them good.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Foot problem healed!

Back in September Martyn got to pray for a colleague at work for a problem she had with her foot. His colleague was somewhat reluctant and only let Martyn pray the day she was leaving the company.

Though there was no instant improvement Martyn kept praying for her foot over a number of months. Two weeks ago he got an email from her saying that the pain level had decreased from 10/10 (excruciating) but that the last few months it has only been a 1/10 which is a significant improvement. She finishes the email be saying that see feels like a normal person again.

God is good!

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Healings & treasure hunt stories

Nine of us went out treasure hunting recently and saw a number of people healed. We had such fun and here are some of our stories.

Lesley, Patrick and Hugh got to speak to a teenager who admitted he had a “knee problem” but wouldn’t let them pray for it. They then asked him if his name was on their treasure map and it was, after which he allowed them to pray for his knee which resulted in it being healed!

Shelagh, Martyn & Derek were able to pray for a number of people during the afternoon, but they had yet to find someone who met the “gun” clue on Shelagh’s map. As they left a shop they came across a man that was carrying two gun cases over his shoulder. They got to talk to him about his philosophy studies and his search for God. They were able to pray with him and prophecy his destiny over him!

Jemimah, Mark & Peter were on their way back from the hunt and came across a group of about 15-20 teenagers. They went over to them and got their attention and went through all the clues on their maps they hadn't yet found. One guy had recently fallen off a motorbike and hurt is back. They got to pray for him, despite his friends making fun of him, and saw God heal him! Another guy then said he had hurt his knee recently whilst playing football. He lifted up his knee for them to pray and God healed him! They then were able to speak to a number of the group about the fact that it was Jesus who heals. A number in the group remarked to each other that they were intrigued how we "got their names" on their maps!

A very encouraging afternoon partnering with God.