Sunday, 27 February 2011

Healings & treasure hunt stories

Nine of us went out treasure hunting recently and saw a number of people healed. We had such fun and here are some of our stories.

Lesley, Patrick and Hugh got to speak to a teenager who admitted he had a “knee problem” but wouldn’t let them pray for it. They then asked him if his name was on their treasure map and it was, after which he allowed them to pray for his knee which resulted in it being healed!

Shelagh, Martyn & Derek were able to pray for a number of people during the afternoon, but they had yet to find someone who met the “gun” clue on Shelagh’s map. As they left a shop they came across a man that was carrying two gun cases over his shoulder. They got to talk to him about his philosophy studies and his search for God. They were able to pray with him and prophecy his destiny over him!

Jemimah, Mark & Peter were on their way back from the hunt and came across a group of about 15-20 teenagers. They went over to them and got their attention and went through all the clues on their maps they hadn't yet found. One guy had recently fallen off a motorbike and hurt is back. They got to pray for him, despite his friends making fun of him, and saw God heal him! Another guy then said he had hurt his knee recently whilst playing football. He lifted up his knee for them to pray and God healed him! They then were able to speak to a number of the group about the fact that it was Jesus who heals. A number in the group remarked to each other that they were intrigued how we "got their names" on their maps!

A very encouraging afternoon partnering with God.