Monday, 9 May 2011

Accurate Clues

Richard came out treasure hunting for the first time a few weeks back. One of his clues was being “stuck in a lift and feeling claustrophobic”. As we left the church to go out we stopped by a group of 4 teenagers and we were amazed to find out that two of them had been recently stuck in different lifts! The experience for one of them had negatively impacted him and we were able to pray for him.

Mark had on his treasure map “red trousers”, “hospital” and “head & back pain”. As we went through the food court in RVP a lady literally bumped into Mark who was wearing red trousers! As we started a conversation with her she revealed she had just come out of hospital and currently had pain in her head and back. She thought we were completely mad but she let us pray for her healing!

Derek had clues for someone wearing a “small black rucksack” and also “Town Hall”. So as we approached the Town Hall, who were we to find but a man waiting for a bus wearing a small black rucksack! We were able to talk to him and he was some what surprised by our clues because he was an atheist.

Shelagh had the clue “YMCA” and was encouraged to find out in conversation with someone she got talking to that he had recently being staying at a YMCA hostel.

As it says in 1 Corinthians 14:25 “the secrets of their hearts are laid bare”. God is able to share with us the secrets of peoples hearts so that he can do them good.