Saturday, 25 June 2011

Treasure hunting

I thought it was worth writing down some of our treasure hunting stories from the last couple of months.

  • Martyn, Hugh and Lynn went to Ely Court, the location on their treasure map, and found a man wearing a "navy blue quilted coat" (that he had only just put on!). They got to pray for his friend who had "golden hair", an "ankle problem", a "sense of desperation" and who had a "decision time" regarding university. They said that being God's treasure was weird but in a nice way!

  • Martyn, Hugh and Lynn then went to ASK restaurant where they found a man in a "blue t-shirt", whose arm was in a "cast", and whose son, brother and sister in law names was on the treasure map! They prayed for his healing as the break was not naturally healing well.
  • Phil, Mark & Jemimah went to the Town Hall, the location on their treasure map, and met a teenager whose name was on their map. He had a "knee problem" and also liked flying "kites". They were able to pray for his knee and he had to run to test it out - he was reluctant at first but his group of teenage friends encouraged him to run. He said that it had improved after we prayed. We then prayed again and asked God to complete the healing.
  • On the way back to the church, Phil, Mark & Jemimah met a group of teenagers, two of them had names on the treasure map and another two had "birthdays" in the last few days. At this point they asked "are you the guys that heal?". The testimony of Jesus at work amongst the treasure hunting teams is starting to get known! We were able to pray for them as they were worried about exams.
  • Lawrie, Shelagh & Peter went to a "hairdresser" that had a "red and white sign" and were able to pray for someone outside who had a "spine problem". They then went into the hairdresser and had a conversation with a man who read the Bible but who had a bad experience with a church. They were able to talk this through and answer some of his questions.
  • Nessa & Shelagh met a lady outside "Cafe Nero" who was wearing a "pink jacket" and had a "chain" on her bag. She had "sadness" due to the loss of her father (it was the day before Father's day). They were able to pray with her and bring her some comfort.
  • Nessa & Mark got to speak to a lady outside "Waterstones" who was promoting her business. They were able to talk to her about Jesus and reveal that she had a "back problem". They laid hands on her and prayed for healing and an encounter with God's presence. It was good to see that she was visibly touched and the encounter changed her mood.
  • Sue & Rose met a couple, one of which had a "blue bag with bottles in it" and the other had an "eye" and "ankle" problems. They were able to pray for their healing and also some emotional issues.

It is always moving that God draws us to people that need an encounter with him. It is a real privilege to be able to bring God's goodness, love, presence and healing to people that do not know him.