Thursday, 14 July 2011

Late night treasure hunting for a rose tattoo!

We went out into the town the other night looking for people that were out late clubbing. We had a number of good conversations but here is one that stood out.

We got into conversation with two girls, even though at first sight there were no obvious clues on our maps that would draw us to them.

As the conversation opened up there were four names on the maps that were relevant to them, one of the girls had “had recent surgery”, the other girl had a “pain in a knee”, one of them “played cards” weekly, the other had been “hurt using a stapler” (a very unusual clue!), one had a “rose tattoo” on her shoulder (this had been covered by her jacket ), one had “had an argument recently” and one “had a stud” on her tongue.

Overall we had 11 clues for these two girls!

We asked them why they thought God had picked them out and also offered to pray for their healing.  Whilst we were praying God prompted one of the team to ask the girl with the tattoo whether she had a brother. She in fact did have a brother that she had not spoken to for 12 years and she very much wanted see reconciliation. We then prayed and ask God to step in and bring healing in their family relationships.

The story does not stop there. About twenty minutes later we bumped into the same girls at the station. We thought that we should give the girls some literature (as we had forgotten earlier) and we passed it to one of the girls as she got into a taxi.

What we didn’t know at the time was that the taxi driver happened to be a member of our church! He had recognised us and started a conversation with the girl about what had happened. She said she was amazed at how relevant the clues were to her and that though she was not yet a Christian something significant had happened tonight! She then went onto to question how she could live out a Christian life among her family who were not Christians. The taxi driver was able to encourage her further in her search for faith.

The God connections in their story are simply amazing! It is always amazing to be part of what God does in touching people.