Thursday, 6 October 2011

A smorgasbord of clues and opportunities


We were out treasure hunting last weekend, the first time since before the summer hols. Shelagh, Peter, Graeme and myself headed into town with lots of clues God had given us.

We approached a small group of teenagers and there was a guy for whom three of the names on the treasure maps were relevant. He admitted he had been been picked out in the past by a treasure hunting team. We were able to speak to him about God having a plan for his life and then prayed for his leg following a “recent operation”.

We then went over to a larger group of teenagers and read out out list of names and conditions that needed prayer. There were a number that responded. We prayed for one girl that had “regular headaches”, “pink sunglasses” and had “family worries”.

In the precinct we were drawn to a group of people that were signing people up to charity. We had a good conversation with them and were able to pray for two of the girls, one who had “headaches” all the time, another had a problem with her “leg” and was “estranged” from her family. They were very touched and open to prayer.

We also met a man who had recently lost his faith and had a number of connections with our church. He was grateful to be prayed for.

There were other conversations and opportunities to pray. People were very open and responsive to the treasure hunt. We had a smorgasbord of clues and opportunities all afternoon!