Friday, 25 November 2011

Chesterfield Treasure Hunting Weekend

We had the recent privilege of running a treasure hunting weekend for a church in Chesterfield.

It was great fun and people really threw themselves into it despite being the first time for many. There were around thirty of us that went out treasure hunting.

Here are two of our stories (treasure map clues are in bold):

  • Peter and Nicole’s team spotted a pub called the Royal Oak (Red Oak was one of their clues) so they went towards it and found a shop nearby selling Tarot cards and it had a sun with a face in it (another 2 clues). They saw a lady and her daughter walking towards them. She was carrying a heavy, awkward package, maybe a radiator. Peter offered to carry the radiator for her and she gladly accepted help. After helping the lady put the radiator in her car, they asked if they could go through the treasure map clues. On the map were her mother and her dad names, her sons middle name, and also the name of her nephew! She then looked at the map for reasons that she may need prayer and told them that her mother had broken her leg and the pins holding it together were coming loose and affecting her knee (another clue) and thyroid problems was the condition her daughter had. She also added that she used to go the Royal Oak pub! They told her that God had singled her out and asked if they could pray for her. She was pleased that they prayed for her and said that it had really made her day! God is so good!


  • Mark & Nathan’s team met a number of teenagers near the church with the crooked spire and got into a conversation with them about God. A number of them had smoking related diseases and we were able to pray for them to be healed. Two of the girls were also very receptive to being prayed for to encounter God’s presence. They had also met one of the guys in the group earlier in the day where the treasure maps had six names on it of people he knew plus a number of other clues (including self harm) that really highlighted God had singled him out! He couldn’t believe they had found him again! After praying for these teenagers they went down the road and were drawn to a lady. They got talking to her and found out she was a Christian. They had words of knowledge about pain in her legs and also a child that was struggling in the faith. They were able to pray for her and she was filled with encouragement and went off bouncing down the road! As they headed back to the church they passed a man standing at a bus stop. As Mark approach him God spoke to him about how this man had a music gift that would unlock people’s hearts in worship. Mark shared this with the man what God had said and he was so impacted he wanted to come back to the church. At the church they were able to pray further for him and to introduce to him to other musicians.

In all the time I have been treasure hunting I have never seen so many occasions where the number of clues were so accurate. In one case Lesley’s team had fourteen clues that were relevant to two girls. It was an exciting weekend and one we will not forget.