Saturday, 17 December 2011

All in the group healed!

Before we went out treasure hunting last week we spent longer than usual drinking in his presence so we could better partner with Him in his purpose of revealing and demonstrating his Kingdom.

Here are two of our stories:

  • Martyn, Chris, Peter and Sue had “Trinity Theatre” on their map and they found a lady inside that had “red hair”, was suffering from “depression”, “diabetes” and “chronic tiredness”. They also had the name “Rebecca” on their treasure map which was the name the lady called her daughter but was not the daughters real name. The lady was somewhat overwhelmed at the accuracy of the clues and the team were able to spend some time talking and praying with her


  • Mark and Nathan were drawn to a group of three teenagers taking a break from their work. One of the girls knew about eight names on their treasure maps and also identified to three issues in her body that needed prayer, which were also on the maps! The other two teenagers also found that the problems they had in their body were on the treasure map. They were intrigued with what was happening and were open to prayer. Mark & Nathan first prayed for the teenager that had a “fractured collar bone”. After prayer he got ten per cent improvement but was still in pain. After praying the second time all the pain left and he got complete movement in his arm! The other two teenagers had problems with their feet, one had fallen arches and the other had high arches. After praying for them there was shock on both their faces as they tested out their feet and found all the pain had gone. Mark then shared the gospel with then and had a prophetic word about how God saw them. It was an amazing encounter and seeing God heal all of them in the group!