Wednesday, 25 April 2012

April Treasure Hunting Stories


We were out treasure hunting last weekend and here are some of our stories:

  • Peter, Shelagh & Greame went looking for “flowers” near the “Opera House”.  They found a lady with “red hair” and “buckle boots” who felt that her life was a “half empty glass” and was suffering “disappointment”. The team were able to pray for her and a number of illnesses she had. She was very moved and said to the team “I am so glad you came today as you have given me new hope”.


  • Rose, Nathan & Mark met a lady wearing a “red coat” who had “pain in her hip”. They also had the names on their map of her husbands ex-wife and two children. She was very touched as they prayed for her healing.


  • Later on  Rose, Nathan & Mark met two people on a “bench” “under a tree”, one was an atheist and another who was an agnostic. During the conversation Mark was able to share his personal testimony about being healed of astigmatism as this was why the atheist was wearing “glasses”. At the end of the conversation the team prayed for them both to have encounters with God so that they would know how real God is and how much he loves them. Whilst they were praying God spoke to Mark about how the agnostic has had pain in his eyes, which he acknowledged. The team then offered to pray for him for healing, but he initially wrestled with  the offer because he said he said he was having a logical reaction to what was happening but part of him knew that something real was also going on.


Right at the start, even before the treasure hunt began, whilst Mark & Nathan were walking in to town they were drawn to a lady who had a slight limp. They approached the lady and were able to pray for her healing. She was very touched by the prayer. Jesus said the fields are white unto harvest – open our eyes Jesus so we would see what you see!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Christmas Market

A week before Christmas we were taking part in a Christmas Market in Tunbridge Wells. We ran a stall that offered Life Readings (about Jesus), Dream Interpretation and Healing Prayer.

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We were able to speak to approximately 30 people about the true meaning of Christmas. We also prayed for healing and saw three instant miracles – two neck problems and arthritis in the hip.

Here are two of our stories:

  • A lady came to the stall who was deaf in one ear. As we had recently seen people healed at church of deafness Peter shared these testimonies with her. Mark and Peter then prayed for her twice but nothing happened. Then Mark had a prophetic word about the lady not remembering past memories that were dear to her. She was touched by this and we prayed for her that God would restore these memories at Christmas. She said she had never seen such amazing faith before. It was so moving to see her respond to God touching the area of her life that was most important to her


  • A teenager came to us and asked if we could interpret a dream she has had at least twice. In this dream Jesus comes to her and takes all the Christians to heaven. We were able to explain to her that this was Jesus personal invitation to take her to heaven with him. She said that she had been going to Christian summer camps and the message of Jesus was starting to make sense to her. She was nearly ready to give her life to Jesus and we took her through what she needed to do when she was ready. It was such a privilege to be involved in this girl’s journey to faith.