Monday, 19 August 2013

A High Watermark

If we believe that Jesus did miracles as a man dependent on the Holy Spirit, then he was showing us what is available to us. He has set a high watermark for us to follow.

There are those throughout history that have got hold of this truth and demonstrated the supernatural power of God to their generation. Here are a few examples:

  • John G Lake is probably best known for starting healing rooms in the early 1900s. One of these rooms was started at Spokane and was described as “the healthiest city in the United States” after 100,000 verifiable healings had occurred over a five year period. For those that like numbers that averages 55 miracles a day, every day for five years!
  • Smith Wigglesworth was an amazing man of faith and much has been written about him, but did you know that throughout his ministry he saw 14 people raised from the dead? He was also one of the first to pray for large numbers of the sick at the same time and would see hundreds of people healed simultaneously!
  • T. L. Osborn saw hundreds of deaf-mutes restored and ninety blind people receive their sight in a single gospel crusade!
  • Following an extraordinary encounter with God in Toronto in 1998, Heidi Baker returned to Mozambique and her team, and to date there have been approximately one million conversions to Christ, over 6000 churches planted and over 80 people raised from the dead!

What amazing stories, what amazing accomplishments through their partnering with God!

Jesus said in John 14:12 that we would do more than him “I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father”.

Note though earlier in verse 11 Jesus says to Philip “Just believe that I am in the Father and the Father is in me. Or at least believe because of the work you have seen me do”. The work that Jesus refers to here is the miraculous.

There are two points that jump out here:

  • Jesus is saying that it is the Father in him that is the source of the miraculous
  • Miracles are a greater basis for belief than words

We too can perform miracles through the Holy Spirit residing in us. Remember that when Jesus went to be with the Father (v12), the Holy Spirit was poured out? This is the reason Jesus gives to say that we can do the works that he did.

Christian – are you filled with the Holy Spirit? Have you had numerous conversations with people but not seen them become aware of the reality of God? How many people do you know that need a miracle?

Without demonstrating the power of God to our current generation, many may not come to faith.

Let me encourage you – keep praying for the sick, keeping take risk, there is more to be experienced! Don’t stop for any reason. People you will meet this week will be wanting to know whether God is real. Let’s keep pressing in to what God has for us and show the world how good He is by demonstrating His power!

Monday, 22 July 2013

An amazing miracle!

Last weekend four of us went to help out a treasure hunt in Gravesend. We had an amazing time, but one story stands out.

Following our clues, we were on the way to a “model train shop” and came to a road that had “bunting”. We saw a lady that was using crutches, so we approached her because we had clues such as “broken toe” and “ankle”.

After introducing ourselves we went through the clues and found that about eight names meant something to the lady, including her name!

One of the team then declared that God was going to fix her leg. We then laid on her and prayed for her ankle, that had been broken in four places, to be healed.

We asked her if she felt anything when we prayed and she sad “yes, the pain left her ankle”!

One of the team then helped her test her ankle by walking with her ten paces down the road. She looked round and said “I couldn’t have done that before with it hurting"!”

She had a look of surprise on her face.

God is just so amazing!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Breaking through the fear barrier


One of the keys to bringing an unbeliever into a God encounter is for us as believers to break through the fear barrier. Fear is something we need to keep in check, otherwise, we will get out of practice of breaking through.

Last Tuesday a few of us were out in Tonbridge park, doing an impromptu treasure hunt. After being out for an hour and having had the opportunity to pray with three teenagers, it was time for me & Fiona to get a kebab on the way home!

Feeling still ‘in the grove’ as we ordered a kebab I was drawn by God to a policeman at the counter. Despite  having already been treasure hunting, fear got the better of me. It was only on the way out and after being accountable to my wife Fiona that I had a prophetic word for the policeman, that I was able to overcome fear.

I shared the prophetic word with the policeman, and though it did not seem to mean anything to him at the time, he softened as I spoke to him.

As we drove home I knew I had broken through a fear barrier and I felt God’s pleasure. This is often the case with me, that when I take a risk in evangelism I feel God’s pleasure! The more risk I take, the more real God becomes to me as I step out.

I came across a prayer by Jim Elliot this week. He prayed “O God forgive me for being so ordinary, whilst claiming to know such an extraordinary God! Oh Lord make us dangerous!”

What a prayer! The world waits to see the reality of God, so will we become “dangerous” by displaying his goodness as we take risk and break through our fear barriers?

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Healing Cafe

At the healing cafe tonight we were reading Luke 8 where a woman is instantly healed of a bleeding condition when she touched Jesus robe.

After a number of prophetic words we prayed for two people with shoulder pain and both were instantly healed!

Friday, 22 February 2013

A family affair

Last weekend we were out treasure hunting and here are a couple of inspiring stories.

Before I left for treasure hunting, I asked my daughter and wife for some clues and they gave me “fine art degree”, “swollen leg” and “pierced nose”.

My son came with me treasure hunting and his clues included “blond hair”, “green coat” and “sports injury”. My clues included “Starbucks” and “cooked pancakes”.

Whilst we were out my son and I came across a girl sitting on a bench outside Starbucks with blond hair, a pierced nose and wearing a green coat. We got talking to her and shared our other clues. She had swollen knee that she had damaged at the school’s sports day last summer. She also had cooked pancakes earlier in the week and was planning in the near future to take a fine art degree!

She was amazed, freaked out and intrigued all at the same time! Her mum was a Christian and she also had been to church when she was little. God was truly picking her out the crowd. We prayed for her knee and encouraged her to read the Bible when she got home.

It was a real family affair, combining our clues to find this girl!


Graeme, Ed and Hugh also had a good conversation. They approached a couple in the precinct near “Waterstones” because he was wearing a a “lumberjack” type shirt.

They had the names of his father and brother on their lists! When his partner looked through the clues on their maps she saw the clue “steps” (which we thought meant physical steps where someone may be sitting) and she said “my baby son took his first steps this morning”! They declined the offer to pray but were deeply provoked that God may indeed by real.


it is is a privilege to be involved in God’s great mission to reconcile the world to himself. If you haven’t been treasure hunting before and are reading this – why not come out with us next time?