Friday, 22 February 2013

A family affair

Last weekend we were out treasure hunting and here are a couple of inspiring stories.

Before I left for treasure hunting, I asked my daughter and wife for some clues and they gave me “fine art degree”, “swollen leg” and “pierced nose”.

My son came with me treasure hunting and his clues included “blond hair”, “green coat” and “sports injury”. My clues included “Starbucks” and “cooked pancakes”.

Whilst we were out my son and I came across a girl sitting on a bench outside Starbucks with blond hair, a pierced nose and wearing a green coat. We got talking to her and shared our other clues. She had swollen knee that she had damaged at the school’s sports day last summer. She also had cooked pancakes earlier in the week and was planning in the near future to take a fine art degree!

She was amazed, freaked out and intrigued all at the same time! Her mum was a Christian and she also had been to church when she was little. God was truly picking her out the crowd. We prayed for her knee and encouraged her to read the Bible when she got home.

It was a real family affair, combining our clues to find this girl!


Graeme, Ed and Hugh also had a good conversation. They approached a couple in the precinct near “Waterstones” because he was wearing a a “lumberjack” type shirt.

They had the names of his father and brother on their lists! When his partner looked through the clues on their maps she saw the clue “steps” (which we thought meant physical steps where someone may be sitting) and she said “my baby son took his first steps this morning”! They declined the offer to pray but were deeply provoked that God may indeed by real.


it is is a privilege to be involved in God’s great mission to reconcile the world to himself. If you haven’t been treasure hunting before and are reading this – why not come out with us next time?