Thursday, 27 June 2013

Breaking through the fear barrier


One of the keys to bringing an unbeliever into a God encounter is for us as believers to break through the fear barrier. Fear is something we need to keep in check, otherwise, we will get out of practice of breaking through.

Last Tuesday a few of us were out in Tonbridge park, doing an impromptu treasure hunt. After being out for an hour and having had the opportunity to pray with three teenagers, it was time for me & Fiona to get a kebab on the way home!

Feeling still ‘in the grove’ as we ordered a kebab I was drawn by God to a policeman at the counter. Despite  having already been treasure hunting, fear got the better of me. It was only on the way out and after being accountable to my wife Fiona that I had a prophetic word for the policeman, that I was able to overcome fear.

I shared the prophetic word with the policeman, and though it did not seem to mean anything to him at the time, he softened as I spoke to him.

As we drove home I knew I had broken through a fear barrier and I felt God’s pleasure. This is often the case with me, that when I take a risk in evangelism I feel God’s pleasure! The more risk I take, the more real God becomes to me as I step out.

I came across a prayer by Jim Elliot this week. He prayed “O God forgive me for being so ordinary, whilst claiming to know such an extraordinary God! Oh Lord make us dangerous!”

What a prayer! The world waits to see the reality of God, so will we become “dangerous” by displaying his goodness as we take risk and break through our fear barriers?