Monday, 22 July 2013

An amazing miracle!

Last weekend four of us went to help out a treasure hunt in Gravesend. We had an amazing time, but one story stands out.

Following our clues, we were on the way to a “model train shop” and came to a road that had “bunting”. We saw a lady that was using crutches, so we approached her because we had clues such as “broken toe” and “ankle”.

After introducing ourselves we went through the clues and found that about eight names meant something to the lady, including her name!

One of the team then declared that God was going to fix her leg. We then laid on her and prayed for her ankle, that had been broken in four places, to be healed.

We asked her if she felt anything when we prayed and she sad “yes, the pain left her ankle”!

One of the team then helped her test her ankle by walking with her ten paces down the road. She looked round and said “I couldn’t have done that before with it hurting"!”

She had a look of surprise on her face.

God is just so amazing!